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Genshin Impact fan creates a helpful Region border map

A major appeal of Genshin Impact is the exploration. The continent of Teyvat is divided into 7 nations, each representing one of the 7 playable elements in the game. Completing exploration objectives like finding chests, solving puzzles, and completing world quests in each nation advances the exploration progress percentage. But some Genshin Impact fans are so attached to the game that they have created many interesting hacks and discovered many helpful techniques, which will guide and help other players too. In this piece, we will talk about a Genshin Impact fan who has created a helpful Region border map.

Genshin Impact: Explaining the regions

Each nation is further divided into multiple sub-regions. The names of these regions show up in big letters when the map is zoomed out. Each region also has its own exploration progress percentage. While completing an exploration objective, contributes to both the sub-regions, as well as the whole nation’s exploration progress. 

Image via HoYoverse

While it is easy to determine where one nation ends and the other begins, the same cannot be said about the sub-regions in each nation. This is because the sub-regions lack any proper boundary and they all blend into one another. This causes problems for exploration completionists. 

Some players like completing all exploration objectives in one area following a guide and moving on to the next. This is a very efficient way of completing 100% exploration progress in every nation. Sometimes while completing objectives in one area, would further the progression percentage in the area next to it. This would cause frustration in players, who are trying to complete 100% exploration in that particular area. This problem was solved by a fellow Redditor.

Genshin Impact: Accurate region border map explained

This map shows the boundary between all the sub-regions found in every currently released nation in Teyvat. 

The map is not complete, since three more nations are yet to be released, as well as expansions to the current nations, are also expected.  Since sub-regions are difficult to separate as opposed to nations, the Redditor has executed a very time-consuming plan. The way borders were discovered is, the player walked around the map and noted when the name of the sub-region showed up on the screen. Walking towards or away from a particular point on the map would make the sub-region name show up and go away. This is how the border of each sub-region was traced and carefully noted down. 

In some areas like the Sumeru desert, the path separating major parts of the desert also acts as the border. In Inazuma, the sub-regions are already separated, since most of them are distinct islands.  In Mondstadt, Liyue, and the rest of Sumeru, the general topography of the area helps in estimating the borders, therefore, further trial and error are required to find the accurate boundaries.

Final Thoughts 

This map will no doubt be of great help to players who are trying to get 100% exploration progress in each area of the map. The creator of the map suggested this may be used with the official Genshin Impact Interactive Map to maximize the potential, and we cannot agree more. Happy exploring, Travelers!

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