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Genshin Impact Original Game Soundtracks: Your Ultimate Playlist Guide

HoYoverse‘s Genshin Impact stands out as a top gacha game on both mobile and PCs, thanks to various factors. Its engaging gameplay, frequent events, and robust features contribute to its popularity. Another key aspect players appreciate is the soothing soundtrack, which adds to the immersive experience. With over 1100 original soundtracks across 23 albums as of Version 4.6 Update, where players can easily find themselves immersed in a relaxing mood while enjoying the music of Genshin Impact. In this article, we’ll delve into each album, providing details and where to listen to them.

Genshin Impact Original Game Album Soundtracks list

NumberAlbumRelease DateNumber of TracksComposerLinks
1The Wind and the Star TravelerAugust 202015Yu-Peng ChenYouTube and Spotify
2City of Winds and IdyllsSeptember 202063Yu-Peng Chen
YouTube and Spotify
3 Jade moon upon Sea of CloudsNovember 202069Yu-Peng Chen
YouTube and Spotify
4The Stellar MomentsFebruary 202117Yu-Peng Chen
YouTube and Spotify
5 Vortex of LegendsApril 202117Yu-Peng Chen
YouTube and Spotify
6The Shimmering VoyageJuly 202168Yu-Peng Chen
YouTube and Spotify
7Realm of Tranquil EternitySeptember 202162HOYO-MIX. YouTube and Spotify
8The Stellar Moments Vol.2January 202221HOYO-MIX YouTube and Spotify
9 Islands of the Lost and ForgottenApril 202260HOYO-MIXYouTube and Spotify
10Millelith’s WatchJune 202240HOYO-MIXYouTube and Spotify
11The Shimmering Voyage Vol.2 August 202257HOYO-MIXYouTube and Spotify
12Footprints of the TravelerSeptember 202215HOYO-MIX YouTube and Spotify
13Forest of Jnana and VidyaOctober 2022100HOYO-MIXYouTube and Spotify
14The Stellar Moments Vol.3January 202326HOYO-MIXYouTube and Spotify
15The Unfathomable Sand DunesApril 2023108HOYO-MIXYouTube and Spotify
16Footprints of the Traveler Vol.2 June 20239HOYO-MIXYouTube and Spotify
17The Shimmering Voyage Vol.3July 202368HOYO-MIXYouTube and Spotify
18Fountain of BelleauOctober 202396HOYO-MIX YouTube and Spotify
19The Stellar Moments Vol.4January 202428HOYO-MIXYouTube and Spotify
20Pelagic PrimaevalityFebruary 202468HOYO-MIX. YouTube and Spotify
21Jadeite RedolenceMarch 202454HOYO-MIXYouTube and Spotify

How to listen to Genshin Impact’s official songs or soundtracks

In summary, this article presents a comprehensive dive into the world of Genshin Impact’s soundtrack. By dissecting each album and song, it equips players with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the game’s musical richness.

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With insightful details, it serves as a valuable companion for those seeking to enhance their gaming experience through the enchanting melodies of Teyvat.

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