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Genshin Impact Arlecchino Pre-Farm Guide: Character ascension, talent level-up materials and more

Tips to farm Arlecchino in Genshin Impact!

Excitement is building among players for the upcoming Genshin Impact Version 4.6 Update, which will introduce Arlecchino, one of the most anticipated characters in the Genshin community. Arlecchino is revealed to be 4th of the 11 Fatui Harbingers. Fans first caught a glimpse of the character on July 11, 2022, in the “Teyvat Chapter Interlude Teaser: A Winter Night’s Lazzo.” For those eager to add Arlecchino to their roster, this pre-farm guide details the necessary materials for pre-farming to ensure she can reach level 90 with ease in Genshin Impact.

Ascension Materials for Arlecchino in Genshin Impact

We will go over the various items needed for Arlecchino ’s character ascension in Genshin Impact in this section of the guide. The following resources are required to advance Arlecchino from Level 1 to Level 90.

Genshin Impact Arlecchino
Image via HoYoverse
Ascension LevelStoneBoss MaterialsLocal MaterialsCommon MaterialsMora
1Agnidas Agate Silver x1Rainbow Roses x3Recruits insignia x320,000
2Agnidua Agate Fragment x3Fragment of a Golden Melody x2Rainbow Roses x10Recruits insignia x1540,000
3Agnidus Agate Fragment x6Fragment of a Golden Melody x4Rainbow Roses x20Sergeant’s Insignia x1260,000
4Agnidus Agate Chunk x3Fragment of a Golden Melody x8Rainbow Roses x30Sergeant’s insignia x1880,000
5Agnidus Agate Chunk x6Fragment of a Golden Melody x12Rainbow Roses x45Lieutenant’s insignia x12100,000
6Agnidus Agate Gemstone x6Fragment of a Golden Melody x20Rainbow Roses x60Lieutenant’s Insignia x24120,000
  • Total Mora required to level up from 1 to 90: 1673400
  • Total Level-up Materials required: 414 Hero’s wit, 13 Adventurer’s Exp, and 22 wanderer’s advice

Total Materials Required for Full Ascension

  • Mora x420,000
  • Fragment of a Golden Melody x46
  • Agnidus Agate Silver x1
  • Agnidus Agate Fragment x9
  • Agnidus Agate Chunk x9
  • Agnidus Agate Gemstone x6
  • Rainbow Roses x168
  • Recruits insignia x18
  • Sergeant’s insignia x30
  • Lieutenant’s Insignia x36

Talent Materials for Arlecchino in Genshin Impact

In this section of the pre-farm guide, we’ll go over the various talent materials for Arlecchino in Genshin Impact. These are the ingredients needed to level up her skill talents.

Talent LevelMaterials RequiredMora Required
2Teachings of Order x3, Recruits insignia x612,500
3Guide to Order x2, Sergeant’s insignia x317,500
4Guide to Order x4, Sergeant’s insignia x425,000
5Guide to Order x6, Sergeant’s insignia x630,000
6Guide to Order x9, Sergeant’s insignia x937,500
7Philosophies of Order x4, Lieutenant’s Insignia x4, New weekly boss drop x1120,000
8Philosophies of Order x6, Lieutenant’s insignia x6, New weekly boss drop x1260,000
9Philosophies of Order x12, Lieutenant’s insignia x9, New weekly boss drop x2450,000
10Philosophies of Order x16, Lieutenant’s insignia x12, New weekly boss drop x2, Crown of Insight x1700,000

Total Talent Materials Required for Arlecchino

  • Crown of Insight x3
  • Teachings of Order x9
  • Guide to Order x63
  • Philosophies of Order x114
  • Recruits insignia x18
  • Sergeant’s insignia x66
  • Lieutenant’s Insignia x93
  • New weekly boss drop x18
  • Mora x4,957,500

Ascension and Talent Materials Sources for Arlecchino

Arlecchino in Genshin Impact is a 5-star Pyro vision holder. With the help of this guide, players could pre-farm all the materials required for Arlecchino.

Fragment of Golden MelodyAvailable from New boss Golem Captain in Version 4.6
Agnidus AgatePyro Regisvines, Primo Geovishap, Pyro Hypostases, Algorithm of Semi-Intransient Matrix of Overseer Network, Iniquitous Baptist, Emperor of Fire and Iron.
Rainbow RosesFound in the wild Recommendation; Found the Beryl Region
Recruits, Sergeant’s and Lieutenant’s insigniaDropped by Fatui Operatives
New weekly boss dropThe weekly boss has not yet been revealed

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