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Genshin Impact raised the price of gems and the community is not happy

A wrong move maybe!

According to a recent announcement made by miHoYo, various countries including Indonesia, India, South Africa, Iceland, Russia, Colombia, and Brazil have got a raise in the gems price in Genshin Impact. As per miHoYo, this increase is due to policy changes on the Apple App Store, though even after saying so they increased the price on all kinds of Primogems. Here’s what they had to say.

Dear travelers! Based on the price policy adjustments of the App Store, Google Play store, and PC platforms, when travelers in Indonesia, India, South Africa, Iceland, Russia, Colombia, and Brazil purchase items through the above platforms, it is possible there will be changes in-game item prices. Please pay attention, travelers.

Facebook post from Genshin Impact

The reason for increase in Genshin Impact gems price

One of the most egregious raise occurs in Brazil where the value was increased by around 50% – (R$18,90 ($328.35) to R$27,90 ($484.71)). The reasoning why seems to be because of a policy change announced by Apple on 26th October 2020 which is furthered by an increased value of the US Dollar. In other regions such as India increased tensions on the borders coupled with other political factors seem to be behind their price hike.

While the fault isn’t entirely on Mihoyo, they were entirely aware of what Apple’s changes and they didn’t mention anything to its users. Also, miHoYo failed to explain why other stores such as Google Play and Windows PC platforms required a price hike in those regions as well. It’s worth mentioning that miHoYo has other games on Google Play and the App Store that have different pricing models due to apple’s previous policies. It’s very strange to see them choose to ignore differing pricing models in this game, especially with no foresight on behalf of its users.

Community is not impressed by the raise in Genshin Impact gems price

The Genshin Impact players community doesn’t seem to take this raise on a good note. To put this into perspective, here are some testimonials from disgruntled gamers on the official Reddit sub of Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact gems price
Genshin Impact gems price
Genshin Impact gems price

How does this raise in gems price affect your region?

Apple released an updated pricing model for Devs to follow in all the regions mentioned and here is a small breakdown.

Russia Battle Pass 750 p. – 900 p.   20% Increase 
Russia Welkin Monthly 390 p. – 450 p.  15.38% Increase 
Apple Store Tier 1 $0.99 USD: RUB 75 – RUB 99 32% Increase  
Apple Store Tier 5 $4.99 USD: RUB 379 – RUB 449 18.47% Increase  
Indonesia Batle Pass 19,500 – Rp 209,000  7.1% Increase 
Indonesia Welkin Monthly Rp 75000 – Rp 79000  5.33% Increase  
Apple Store Tier 1 $0.99 USD: IDR Rp 15000 – IDR Rp 16000  6.66% Increase  
Apple Store Tier 5 $4.99 USD: IDR Rp 75000 – IDR Rp 79000  5.33% Increase  
India Battle Pass  
India Welkin Monthly: Rs399 – Rs450  12.78% Increase  
Apple Store Tier 1 $ 0.99 USD: INR Rs80 – INR Rs89   11.25% Increase  
Apple Store Tier 5 $ 4.99 USD: INR Rs400 – INR Rs449  12.25% Increase   
Brazil Battle Pass BRLS$ 74,90 – 109,90 46.72% Increase 
Brazil Welkin Monthly: BRL$18.90 – BRL$27.90  47.62% Increase 
Apple Store Tier 1 $.99 USD: 3.90 BRL – 4.90BRL 25.64% increase 
Apple Store Tier 5 $4.99 USD: 18.90BRL – 27.90 BRL 47.62% Increase 

Brazil has taken the largest hit from this raise and the players will really have to hope that miHoyo offers some recompense or else it will almost be impossible to purchase anymore. Moreover, in order to hit pity, players have to spend 1.000 BRL and the minimum wage in Brazil this year is exactly 1,045 BRL.

What is your opinion as Genshin Impact gems price gets a massive raise? Let us know in the comments section below!

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