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Girls Evo, a fantasy elf evolution idle RPG begins open beta testing on Android in select regions

An RPG about the story of monsters and humans

Loongcheer Game, a gaming company, has revealed that the open beta test phase of Girls Evo, a fantasy elf evolution idle RPG, has commenced in specific regions through Google Play. Individuals participating in the game will assume the role of an unwittingly chosen adventurer, gathering elves, forming alliances with them, and setting off on a journey to rescue the realms of both humans and elves.

Girls Evo features an attractive background story

The interconnection between the realm of humans and the domain of elves remains profoundly entwined and incapable of being severed. The obliteration of substances within either realm results in the emergence of fresh substances within the other realm, thereby maintaining a harmonious equilibrium of energy exchange.

Girls Evo open beta
Image via Loongcheer Game

Amidst the fissures of these realms, two formidable masters engaged in combat, an encounter that precipitated diverse calamities originating from both natural phenomena and human endeavors within these parallel worlds. As an impending war looms on the horizon, its advent threatens the ultimate demise of both realms. The chosen protagonist designated to avert this catastrophe is none other than you.

Experience three stages of Elf evolution in Girls Evo open beta test

Every small and adorable elf undergoes a journey from infancy to maturity, transforming into a human as they progress. A clear connection exists between the periods before and after the transformation, as every elf advances through three meticulously designed stages illustrating this evolution. The collective count of elves stands at over a hundred, divided among six factions. Creating the complete three-stage album for each elf fulfills the players’ collecting aspirations.

Master the five aspects of regular growth in Girls Evo

The regular growth system contains five aspects: basic upgrade, tier-up, star-up, equipment, and core, which remains as complete as the cultivation system in other Idle role-playing games and figures out clear cultivation goals in the game to players. Besides, random attributes and powerful abilities will be activated when reaching a certain level during the growth.

Nine PVE systems’ diverse gaming options – main story, Abandoned Factory, Ancient Relics, Alien Battlefield, etc. meet the various combat needs of the players. Besides, players can indulge in x-server competition with other real players through PVP gameplay. Players can participate in the open beta test of Girls Evo on Google Play.

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