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Goddess of Victory: NIKKE 1.5 Anniversary Version Update brings new characters, new story events, and more

Celebrations underway!

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, the sci-fi RPG from SHIFT UP and Level Infinite is celebrating its 1.5 Anniversary and this time, there are plenty of new updates that have been announced. The makers want this update to be a grand unveiling, and for that, we have some specials geared up.

One of the talking features will be the arrival of the new SSR character Crown and Kilo debuting in the game. Alongside them, we have some new story events going live with great rewards too, so I shall explain everything you need to know about this update in this article.

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE 1.5 Anniversary Version Update Overview

New Characters: SSR Crown and SSR Kilo

SSR Pilgrim Nikke Crown is like the king of Crown Kingdom in the game. Crown’s presence enhances both offensive and defensive strategies, particularly bolstering Nikkes in their assaults with Burst Skills. Additionally, Crown offers supplementary effects upon restoration, where she helps other Nikkes in the game with their special moves, and when she’s restored, she can do even more. She wields the Your Majesty Machine Gun by Pilgrim.

Goddess of Victory_ NIKKE 1.5 Anniversary SSR characters
Image via Level Infinite

Then there’s SSR Nikke Kilo, who also fights alongside a special weapon called T.A.L.O.S. She’s also a Defender. Depending on whether her shield is up or down, she fights differently. When her shield is up, she can do really strong attacks based on how much health she has left. And if her shield gets broken, she can make an even stronger one to protect her team. Her weapon is called Anchoret and is made by Missilis.

New Costumes

With the anniversary update, new costumes are coming to the game, each with its own special style. First is the Modernia: Second Affection costume. You can get it from the Costume Gacha. It has voice-over, cool animations, and more to make your gameplay immersive.

Next is the Snow White: White Knight costume. You can only get it through the 1.5 Anniversary Pass. It’s all about protecting your character on the battlefield. Then there’s the Diese: Midnight Strawberry costume, which you can earn through the May Mission Pass. Finally, there’s the upcoming Crown Costume. It’ll have cool features like voice-over and animations for you to equip.

New Gameplay, Features, and Story Events

A new story event called LAST KINGDOM is starting soon. Explore the Crown Kingdom and take part in various events to earn Gems, development materials, and even Lost Relics. In STORY I, clear stages to earn Advanced Recruit Vouchers, Frames, and more. In STORY II, gather Advanced Recruit Vouchers and materials.

Additionally, there’s a Challenge Stage where you can face tough bosses for more rewards. For a limited time, join Coordinated Operations with friends to defeat bosses and exchange Broken Cores for Gems and materials. A new story event, BRAND NEW YEAR, will be added to the Event Archives section. Participate in LAST KINGDOM to earn Memory Films and unlock story events in Archives.

Two new chapters, Chapter 29: “The Path to Rescue” and Chapter 30: “Something More Important Than One’s Self,” have been added. To access these chapters, players must complete Chapter 28 in Normal Mode. Additionally, Sector 21 and EX-07 have been included as new Lost Sectors, offering fresh challenges for players to conquer.

Furthermore, the Tribe Tower has undergone an expansion, with its floors increased from 550 to 650. Similarly, the Manufacturer Towers now boast 550 floors, up from 500, providing players with more opportunities for progression and exploration.

In terms of features, players can now personalize their profile cards with new backgrounds and stickers through the Profile Decoration feature. These decoration items can be obtained from various sources such as the 1.5 Year Anniversary event, Daily Missions, and the Content Shop.

Other Updates

There are other updates as well, where you can join the mini-game FOR THE KING, where you defend the kingdom from waves of Raptures using Nikkes and makeshift weapons. The 1.5 Year Anniversary event gets you rewards like SSR Kilo and Advanced Recruit Vouchers by just logging in.

NIKKE 1.5 rewards
Image via Level Infinite

Also, don’t miss the 14-Day Login Event. Plus, there’s the Daily Bonus Reward event. Complete daily missions for surprising rewards during specified dates.

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