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Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Red Ash event brings new SSR characters, rewards, and more

Here's to One Year of Victory, and Many More to Come!

As the 1st Anniversary of Goddess of Victory: NIKKE approaches, you can anticipate a thrilling addition to the celebrations in the form of the Red Ash story event scheduled for November 2nd to November 23rd. The event will include a new plot event, two new SSRs, new Commodities, and other features. Let’s have a look at the specifics of the upcoming event and see what Level Infinite has in store for the players.

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Red Ash event rewards

Four years after the Raptures Invasion, the Goddess Squad, despite a string of victories, finds itself struggling against overwhelming odds. To overturn their seemingly inevitable defeat, they are gearing up for a major, game-changing move.

You are invited to explore the vibrant Red Ash map, where a multitude of engaging activities await. Roaming through this rich terrain, you can uncover a treasure trove of rewards, including precious Gems, essential development materials, and the exciting possibility of stumbling upon unexpected Lost Relics. The upcoming event will be introducing a mini-story event as well as the new SSR Red Hood and a free new SSR Snow White: Innocent Days as a 1st Anniversary reward. It will be made live with the update going live on November 2nd.

New character SSR Red Hood: Red wolf

SSR Nikke Red Hood, the red wolf of Goddess Squad will join the Special Recruit on November 2nd. Red Hood is a Nikke of the Attacker class who wields a Sniper Rifle called Wolfsbane as her weapon. She is a Pilgrim Manufacturer with the element code Iron.

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Red Ash
Image via Level Infinite

As an Attacker, her Burst Skill can be used in all Burst Stages. Depending on the Burst stage, she serves multiple functions such as increasing all allies’ ATK, and increasing HP recovery, and has skills that deliver high-damage attacks.

New character SSR Snow White: Innocent days

SSR Nikke Snow White: Innocent Days can be obtained for free at the 1st Anniversary Party, Red Ash event, and 14 Days Login starting from November 2nd. Snow White: Innocent Days will not be available in any form of Recruit and from Mold items.

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Red Ash
Image via Level Infinite

Snow White: Innocent Days is a Nikke of the Attacker class who wields an Assault Rifle called Seven Dwarves II as her weapon. She is a Pilgrim Manufacturer with the element code Iron. Snow White: Innocent Days is an Attacker Nikke who uses rapid group attacks to deal with multiple enemies and missiles that can be intercepted.

New Costumes

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE
Image via Level Infinite

Indulge in the mystical allure of Harran’s 1st Anniversary Special Costume, the Banquet Witch, steeped in shades of purple. This enchanting attire will be accessible through the 1st Anniversary Pass. Additionally, prepare for a delightful journey down memory lane with Dorothy’s special Costume, Nostalgia, available via the Costume gacha in Goddess of Victory: NIKKE.

Are you excited about the Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Red Ash event? Let us know in the comments below!

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