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Goddess of Victory: NIKKE brings the Christmas 2022 update with two new characters and events

Neve and Rupee arrive in the game!

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE releases a Christmas 2022 update at the end of the year. With the update released on December 8, two new characters, Neve and Rupee, as well as an in-game event with a Christmas theme called Miracle Snow, will be available.

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Christmas 2022 update: Miracle Snow

Snow falls on the amusement park at the outpost in celebration of Christmas. N102 stops by a theme park where lots of people are having a good time. Other NIKKEs mistakenly think it’s a Christmas miracle that N102, whose memory is reset every morning, can remember the visit. N102 wants to meet her mother after making more memories for her.

Players will find out if she meets her or not when “Miracle Snow” occurs in the game between December 8 and December 28. The event will include daily log-in bonuses, the Snowflake Crystal special event item, and a new character, Neve. Players can unlock Neve by taking part in the “Miracle Snow” events.

Christmas update also introduces two new characters, Neve and Rupee

Neve is a Water Attacker and a member of Unlimited, a group dedicated to the preservation of locations with harsh environmental conditions. She has an eccentric personality in addition to a calm exterior. She regularly looks for polar bears while on the surface because of her special relationship with them. Neve’s sleeping patterns, which are best described by many around her as a type of hibernation, are comparable to those of these arctic critters.

But when she doesn’t get her beauty sleep, the curtain of serenity is lifted, and she emerges as someone wholly different. Neve has been characterized as being extraordinarily ferocious by some. Even Ludmilla, who doesn’t like to treat people differently, tries to avoid waking Neve unless it is an absolute emergency.

During this period, the new NIKKE Rupee will also be made available. Rupee, an SSR Defender with Electric attacks, embodies the stereotypical compulsive shopper. Her opulent lifestyle has made her somewhat of a local celebrity in the Royal Road commercial street. Additionally, she manages her online shopping network, which has gained a ton of new subscribers as a result of its seasonal winter giveaways.

Are you excited as Goddess of Victory: NIKKE brings its latest Christmas 2022 update with two new characters? Let us know in the comments below!

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