Grand Cross: Age of Titans brings its first update featuring new content and features

Travel to the Past, Present, and Future in the Cross Dimesnsion update!

Netmarble, a renowned developer and publisher of top-tier mobile games, has introduced the first update for their recently launched strategy title, Grand Cross: Age of Titans. This update for the Cross Dimension game incorporates an array of fresh content and features designed to provide players with an exceptional gaming experience.

Face monsters across the map with your chosen faction in Grand Cross: Age of Titans

Players now have the option to join one of three factions (Past, Present, and Future) for the purpose of confronting formidable monsters positioned at different locations on the map. Each faction has been established to encourage collaboration among players, regardless of their Kingdom or Alliance affiliations.

Grand Cross: Age of Titans Netmarble, Grand Cross: Age of Titans
Image via Netmarble

The primary objective is to vanquish the ultimate boss situated at the center of the map. The boss emerges every 15 hours and can only be engaged in combat using Titans. Specific sections of the map are exclusively accessible to Air units, granting an advantage to those players who incorporate these units into their battlefield strategies.

Grand Cross: Age of Titans Netmarble, Grand Cross: Age of Titans, Grand Cross: Age of Titans customer support
Image via Netmarble

Cross Dimension Coins serve as the primary reward for individuals who complete daily and season missions, including the defeat of the final Boss. They can be utilized to acquire items and resources from the exchange shop exclusively designated for this content. Eligibility criteria for participation in this content necessitate a Castle Level of 15 or higher and a Kingdom age of at least 20 days. The content itself will occur every two weeks, spanning from Friday to Sunday.

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