FC Mobile 24 Guide: Tips to buy and utilize Silver in the game

Utilise Silver to its fullest!

FC Points has been the premium currency of FC Mobile for quite some time now. Recently besides FC Points, Electronic Arts has introduced a brand new premium currency, Silver. Silver unlike FC Points can’t be bought from the in-game Store, albeit offering the same utility. On the contrary, EA has partnered with third-party stores that sell Silver that can be used in FC Mobile.

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What is Silver in FC Mobile

Silver similar to FC Points is a premium currency in the game. If you visit the in-game store, you can access Silver from the extreme right-hand side tab. It acts as an alternative to both real money and FC Points at times and therefore is available at third-party stores. And yes, you can even buy the Star Pass with Silver!

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One can either buy Silver from third-party stores or be gifted the same from various social media giveaways. Currently FC Mobile has partnered with three third-party payment providers in selected countries namely: CodaShop, DevCo, and Carry1st.

How to get Silver in FC Mobile

Primarily there are two steps to get Silver in FC Mobile. You can either get it as a gift if you win any giveaway from social media or you buy it from any of the three above third-party stores.

Participating in FC Mobile Giveaways

Popular FC Mobile content creators often announce giveaways on their social media accounts to boost followers. These giveaways include either Star Pass, FC Points, or both.

You can always look out for such opportunities and participate in these giveaways for a chance to get these freebies. Do note that the Star Pass you will be getting will be rewarded to you in the Silver currency.

Buying Silver in FC Mobile

In case you decide to buy Silver for yourself, here are the steps:

  • Visit either the Carry1st, CodaShop, or DevCo websites
  • Head over to their respective FC Mobile sections
  • Enter your unique FC Mobile ID or UID
  • Select the amount of Silver you want to buy for your account
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  • Choose your payment option
  • Enter your email address if you choose to receive a receipt of the transaction
  • Hit the Proceed button and complete the transaction!
  • That’s it, you can collect your Silver from the in-game mailbox

Dos and Don’ts while buying Silver in FC Mobile

There are a few specific rules that EA wants everyone to follow while buying Silver so the community gets the best experience possible. Avoid getting your FC Mobile account suspended or banned by keeping things honest and by not cheating. Here are a few ways to remember while buying or receiving Silver:

1. Don’t fall for discounts and buy Silver from Third-Party sites outside of FC Mobile’s partners

If you see Silver being sold at a much-discounted rate on a third-party website that is outside of FC Mobile’s partner sides ie Carry1st, CodaShop, or DevCo, it can be a scam. You can be on the verge of losing your entire FC Mobile account if you buy from one such website. If you notice all three websites and FC Mobile offer Silver at the exact same rate without giving any discounts.

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Unless it’s a special event or occasion, currencies such as Silver, that can be utilized to buy Star Pass won’t be offered at a discount, given it can affect the in-game player economy. Therefore if you are buying Silver from any other website outside EA’s prescribed sites, it is very likely that you can lose both your account and money at the same time.

2. Don’t fall for fake Social media Giveaways

While Social media Giveaways are a great way to get Silver and FC Points in FC Mobile, always beware of looking for the authenticity of the account while participating in it. It’s not new that there’s a vast number of social media accounts that pretend to be official accounts, announcing legit giveaways and offering Silver and FC Points at a discounted rate.

Should you share your details with those accounts, you are assured of losing your FC Mobile account forever. Therefore beware of sharing your UID with them and only participate in giveaways that are organised by credible and popular social media accounts.

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