Grand Cross: Age of Titans brings its second update with new characters, features, and more

The virtual human Rina is now available as a playable character

Netmarble, has revealed the second update for their latest strategy game, Grand Cross: Age of Titans. As of today, gamers have the opportunity to explore fresh collaboration characters, enhanced features, and various improvements within the game.

The second Grand Cross: Age of Titans update introduces Rina and Iris

In a special collaboration with METAVERSE Entertainment, Netamarble brings the virtual persona known as Rina as a playable character. Rina assumes the role of a maid, offering vital support to Eugene and Mio during their battles. Functioning as a cavalry-style character, Rina possesses the ability to bolster the HP levels of allied troops while simultaneously reducing the mana of their adversaries in the midst of combat.

Grand Cross Age of Titans Rina
Image via Netmarble

Furthermore, the introduction of a new infantry character named Iris is set to enrich the Skyna universe. Hailing from the enigmatic cross-dimensional phenomenon known as the Grand Cross, Iris, as a messenger from the gods, extends her presence to the world of Skyna. Her unique capabilities include the healing of troops and enhancing their defensive attributes, as well as bolstering their overall HP and more.

The second update has brought changes to the Cross Dimension in Grand Cross: Age of Titans

Numerous enhancements have been implemented in Cross Dimension as well. Instead of allowing players to manually select their factions (Past, Present, Future), the system will now autonomously assign and pair specific factions based on the kingdom. Players are granted the opportunity to engage in Cross Dimension twice daily, with each session lasting up to 3 hours, for a maximum of 6 hours per day.

Grand Cross Age of Titans second update cross dimension
Image via Netmarble

Cross Dimension now boasts a fresh ranking system along with newly introduced missions. Among the recently introduced heroes, the collaboration character Rina stands out as particularly advantageous in Cross Dimension due to her formidable skills.

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