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Solo Leveling: ARISE: The Complete Currency Guide and Tips

Get the best value for your gold and essence stone!

Learn about the essential currencies in Solo Leveling: ARISE, an action RPG inspired by the popular Solo Leveling Manhwa and anime series. This Solo Leveling: ARISE Currency Guide, from its early access phase to the Global launch, will help you grasp the significance of various currencies, and how to acquire and utilize them efficiently.

In my guides for Solo Leveling: ARISE, I’ve got you covered whether you need to know the available redeem codes for exclusive rewards and essential resources such as the beginner’s guide, reroll guide, element guide, class guide, hunter tier list, artifacts guide, team composition guide, and Gacha system guide crucial for your game journey. Additionally, access my customer support guide for any troubleshooting needs. Don’t miss out on my initial impressions, game review, interview, and the unveiled roadmap for 2024.

List of in-game Currency in Solo Leveling: ARISE

1. Gold

How to get Gold in Solo Leveling: ARISE

To earn Gold in Solo Leveling: Arise, you can engage in various activities. Completing story quests, participating in Activity funds, selling artifacts, completing gate missions and mining, participating in events, and more are all ways to obtain this essential resource. As a free-to-play (F2P) player, you have multiple options to farm Gold, ensuring you can upgrade your Hunters and weapons without relying solely on in-app purchases.

Solo Leveling Arise Gold
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Where to use Gold in Solo Leveling: ARISE

Once you have acquired Gold, it’s important to spend it wisely. Gold is used for boosting hero and weapon levels, enhancing Artifacts, and other essential tasks. Managing this resource efficiently is key to progressing comfortably through the game. You should prioritize upgrades that align with your gameplay style and goals, ensuring you make the most out of your hard-earned Gold.

2. Essence Stone

How to get Essence Stone in Solo Leveling: ARISE

To acquire Essence Stones in Solo Leveling: Arise, engage in various activities such as playing Stories and side chapters, completing dailies and weeklies, utilizing the Hunter archive and codex, engaging in special missions, and more. These methods provide ample opportunities to farm Essence Stones without spending money.

Solo Leveling Arise Essence Stone
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Where to use Essence Stone in Solo Leveling: ARISE

Once you’ve gathered Essence Stones, consider their multiple uses wisely. You can purchase Gate and Encore Mission Keys, but the primary use is exchanging 250 Essence Stones for a Draw Ticket to summon Hunters and weapons from the gacha. Prioritize spending your Essence Stones based on your immediate needs and strategic goals to maximize their effectiveness in enhancing your hunter roster.

3. Special Draw Ticket

How to get Special Draw Ticket in Solo Leveling: ARISE

To acquire Special Draw Tickets in Solo Leveling: Arise, you have several methods at your disposal. The primary way is by purchasing them using Essence Stones, with each ticket costing 250 stones or a bundle of ten tickets for 2,500 stones, guaranteeing an SR-grade character or weapon. Additionally, you can accumulate Draw Tickets over time through daily check-in rewards, completing achievements, and redeeming free reward codes.

Solo Leveling Arise Special Draw Ticket
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Where to use Special Draw Ticket in Solo Leveling: ARISE

When it comes to spending Special Draw Tickets in Solo Leveling: Arise, it’s crucial to prioritize wisely. Focus on obtaining new characters and gear that complement your playstyle and strategic objectives. Consider using Draw Tickets to summon SSR-grade hunters and weapons, as they offer significant enhancements to your team’s strength and capabilities. By strategically investing your Draw Tickets, you can maximize your progress and enjoyment of the game.

4. Selection Draw Ticket

How to get Selection Draw Ticket in Solo Leveling: ARISE

To acquire Selection Draw Tickets in Solo Leveling: Arise, you can participate in various in-game activities. Completing missions, tasks, and achievements can earn you these valuable tickets. Additionally, engaging in the battlefield of trials, and special commissions, and reaching achievement milestones are also effective ways to obtain Selection Draw Tickets. Remember, dedicating significant time and effort to these activities is necessary to farm enough Selection Draw Tickets for use in the game’s gacha system.

Solo Leveling Arise Selection Draw Ticket
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Where to use Selection Draw Ticket in Solo Leveling: ARISE

When it comes to spending Selection Draw Tickets, it’s essential to consider your goals and priorities. These tickets allow you to participate in the Custom Draw, offering a chance to obtain specific characters or items.

It’s recommended to spend Selection Draw Tickets strategically, focusing on summoning characters or obtaining items that will benefit your gameplay and progression in Solo Leveling: Arise. By making informed choices on how to use your Selection Draw Tickets, you can enhance your gaming experience and progress more effectively in the game.

5. Diamond

How to get Diamonds in Solo Leveling: ARISE

To acquire Diamonds in Solo Leveling: ARISE, you must use real money to purchase them from the in-game shop, where they are available in various amounts, bundles, and promotional offers. Diamonds are a premium currency that unlocks exclusive bundles with massive rewards, making them a valuable resource for players looking to enhance their gaming experience and progress more efficiently.

Solo Leveling Arise Selection Diamonds
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Where to use Diamonds in Solo Leveling: ARISE

When it comes to spending Diamonds in Solo Leveling: ARISE, it’s important to prioritize wisely. Consider investing in the Daily Growth pack, which provides continuous benefits over time, as well as the Achievement pack to maximize your rewards.

Other premium bundles also offer valuable items and advantages, making them a good use of Diamonds. By strategically utilizing your Diamonds on these offerings, you can boost your gameplay, unlock exclusive content, and make significant progress in the game.

Final Thoughts

The currency guide for Solo Leveling: ARISE covers all the essential currencies in the game, including Gold, Essence Stones, Special Draw Tickets, Selection Draw Tickets, and Diamonds. It explains how to acquire each currency and offers guidance on where and how to spend them efficiently. By understanding the significance of these currencies and making informed choices, players can enhance their gameplay experience, progress effectively, and unlock exclusive content in the game.

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