Grand Cross: Age of Titans the latest MMO RTS game from Netmarble is now available

Join the battle and save skyna!

The latest MMO RTS game, titled Grand Cross: Age of Titans, developed and published by the prominent mobile game company Netmarble, is now available for download. Enthusiasts have the option to perform a pre-download of the game immediately by accessing the official website on PC, the Google Play Store for Android devices, and the App Store for iOS users. Furthermore, the game will also be accessible through Google Play Games Beta.

Immerse yourself in the epic MMO RTS world of Grand Cross: Age of Titans

Created by Netmarble F&C, the creator of the renowned RPG title Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, players will step into an exhilarating MMO RTS adventure. The game features expansive and captivating siege wars that encompass both land and air domains, showcased through exquisite anime-inspired visual artistry.

Through an interactive combat system, gamers are empowered to devise and implement their individualized tactics for surpassing adversaries. A variety of military units, such as Infantry, Archers, Cavalry, Siege Weapons, Ranged Archers, and Air Units, are available for players to employ.

Experience Skyna’s gripping storyline and domination gameplay in Grand Cross: Age of Titans

The various modes of PvE and PvP will put the player’s personal tactics and fighting abilities to the test. These modes encompass Single Player sections, Hunting and Gathering challenges, seizing World Objects, engaging in Server vs. Server Warfare, progressing through Story Chapters, expanding territories, and customizing territories. Within Castle War mode, players engage in battles against other alliances, experiencing intense siege warfare enriched with MMORPG mechanics.

Grand Cross: Age of Titans Netmarble, Grand Cross: Age of Titans
Image via Netmarble

Within the realm of Skyna, conflicts have arisen due to the incursion of Chaos armies. The players will be immersed in an enthralling narrative via the perspectives of the central characters, Mio and Eugene. These characters have been summoned to the continent to meet Princess Destina, the leader of the Skyna kingdom. Players are tasked with enlarging their territories, acquiring heroes, items, ornamental structures, and more, all aimed at driving chaos out of the land.

Celebrate the launch of Grand Cross: Age of Titans with exciting events and rewards

To celebrate the game’s launch, players can participate in various events and have the opportunity to obtain many in-game rewards, including:

  • Call of Destiny: Players who check in the game for 14 days can receive rewards like Claudia (legend level hero), 60 Claudia Manastones, 50 Star Level Fragments (legend level), and a Talent Reset.
  • A Cross on the Back of Your Hand: Complete certain words by acquiring alphabet letters from defeating monsters to receive items such as Castle Skin (Atlantis Castle), Advanced Summoning Scroll, and more.
  • Ready for Action: Receive growth materials and Manastone by completing missions across a 7-day period with a hero selected by the player.
  • Roxana’s Gift (for Google Play Games): Players who check in can obtain Stamina which is needed to hunt monsters.

Grand Cross: Age of Titans is now available for download on Android and iOS. For additional information about the game, players can visit the official website.

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