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Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Magic Pass Season 1: Complete List of Rewards

Level up your Magic Pass!

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, the new magical game set in the Harry Potter universe, offers players an immersive and prestigious gameplay experience. The game’s reward system is generous, providing players with substantial resources as they make progress in their magical journey. The Magic Pass serves as the permanent rewarding system in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, offering players a range of rewards based on their progression and the levels they unlock throughout the game.

Additionally, players are given the opportunity to buy exclusive content in the game with real money. This offers players greater rewards aside from the free rewards obtained from the Magic Pass. Below are the contents of the Magic Pass, providing players with a glimpse of the rewards they can expect to receive as they advance in the game.

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List of Magic Pass Rewards

The reward system in Nameless Honor follows a structure similar to other games’ Battle Pass systems. It offers various materials to level up your Cards, a significant amount of Keys, Gold, and Gems as you progress. As you reach milestones every five levels, you are rewarded with increasingly valuable rewards.

Free Magic Pass

The Free area of the Magic Pass in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened serves as the reward system for free-to-play players. The rewards in this area become more valuable as you make progress in the game. The Free Rewards section includes a variety of rewards that vary in rarity.

Deluxe and Premium Magic Pass

The Deluxe and Premium Magic Pass is obtained when players purchase it with real money. These offer several rewards with much more resources and important currencies compared to the Free Magic Pass. The paid version of the Magic Pass is composed of two types, the Deluxe and Premium Magic Pass. Both of these offer almost similar value but the Premium Magic Pass offers some bonuses along the way.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Magic Pass Deluxe Rewards
Image via Warner Bros

The Deluxe Magic Pass can be bought by players for 10$, this value may vary based on the currency being used by players. The Premium Magic Pass on the other hand can be purchased by players for approximately, 20$. The Premium Magic Pas offers some limited types of cosmetics and small bonuses and utility to level their Magic Pass faster. Below is the complete list of rewards for all types of Magic Pass in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened.

LevelFreeDeluxe and Premium
Level 12x Silver KeyFree Spirit (Clothing), 1x Golden Key
Level 2200 Gold1x Golden Key
Level 330 GemsCurious Card Pack
Level 4Trade Token (Common)100 Gems
Level 52x Silver Key2x Golden Key, 500 Gold
Level 6200 Gold1500 Gold
Level 720 Gems50 Gems
Level 8Draught of Peace (L)4x Silver Key
Level 9Trade Token (Common)Trade Token (Rare)
Level 10Curious Card Pack1x Golden Key, 4x Silver Key
Level 1120 Gems50 Gems
Level 121x Silver Key2x Silver Key
Level 13200 Gold 500 Gold
Level 14200 Echo Crystal200 Echo Crystal
Level 15Trade Token (Rare)Trade Token (Epic), 500 Gold
Level 1620 Gems50 Gems
Level 17200 Gold 500 Gold
Level 18Draught of Peace (L)1x Silver Key
Level 19200 Echo Crystal300 Echo Crystal
Level 202x Silver KeyGeometric Earrings (Accessories), 50 Gems
Level 21Trade Token (Common)Trade Token (Rare)
Level 22Madam’s VIP CouponMadam’s VIP Cuopon
Level 23200 Echo Crystal300 Echo Crystal
Level 24200 Gold 500 Gold
Level 252x Silver Key1x Golden Key, 300 Echo Crystal
Level 262x Trade Token (Common)2x Trade Token (Epic)
Level 2720 Gems1x Silver Key
Level 28200 Gold600 Gold
Level 2920 Gems50 Gems
Level 302x Silver KeyOmbre Glass (Accessories), 300 Echo Crystal
Level 31200 Gold5x Common Wild Card
Level 3220 Gems600 Gold
Level 332x Trade Token (Common)2x Trade Token (Rare)
Level 34200 Gold1x Silver Key
Level 351x Common Wild Card1x Golden Key, 500 Gold
Level 3620 Gems50 Gems
Level 37200 Gold600 Gold
Level 38200 Echo Crystal300 Echo Crystal
Level 39200 Gold2x Trade Token (Epic)
Level 40Madam’s Student CouponPrep School Fantasy, 5x Rare Wild Card
Level 41200 GoldPowdered Fireball Spike
Level 42Draught of Peace (L)80 Gems
Level 433x Dried Nettle2x Jar of Streeler Shells
Level 44200 Echo Crystal5x Rare Wild Card
Level 45500 Gold120 Gems, 1x Golden Key
Level 4620 GemsCurious Card Pack
Level 47200 Echo Crystal1000 Gold
Level 48200 Gold2x Silver Key
Level 4950 Gems500 Echo Crystal
Level 501x Epic Card1x Legendary Card, 1000 Gold

It is noticeable that every 5 levels, a double reward is given in the Deluxe and Premium Magic Pass. This is also one of the best ways to obtain valuable resources and great in-game cosmetics. Buying the paid version of the Magic Pass will also reward players with greater items and limited cosmetics that players may want to obtain before the next season of the Magic Pass releases. Additionally, the Premium Pass will reward players with the Gardener’s Hat and a Memoria Card. They also get a 30% Gold Bonus and a +5 Level increase for the Magic Pass after purchasing the Premium version.

How to level the Magic Pass faster in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

Leveling up your Magic Pass to the maximum level is achievable if you consistently do the important task as they reset daily and weekly. Players can obtain Pass Points which are rewarded in various daily and weekly activities. Here is the list of the things you have to do in order to level up your Magic Pass progressively.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Pass Points
Image via Warner Bros

1. Complete the Story Task

The Story Task is the mission that players have to progress and know a given context about the overall story of the game. This is also important to progress several in-game areas and contents as players usually get to unlock these things by progressing their story and finishing the tutorial stages.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Story
Image via Warner Bros

Doing the Story Task will also reward players a good amount of Pass Points for their Magic Pass and can be extremely useful to progress the level of their Magic Pass consistently.

2. Finish off your Daily Tasks

The Daily task is also one of the key parts to progress the Magic Pass. Players are given task daily where they have to interact with various characters and complete different types of missions along the way.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Daily
Image via Warner Bros

Players will be given tasks like participating in the Dance Club, brewing spells, and participating in different adventures. By consistently completing the daily task, players can make steady progress and unlock various rewards in the magic pass.

3. Participate in time-limited Events

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened has a lot of fascinating events, and taking part in them is a great way to earn resources and Pass Points as you go. These events, which come in a variety of forms and are frequently scheduled, provide players with numerous jobs and challenges to perform.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Colouring Pages
Image via Warner Bros

These events frequently include time-limited missions, unique activities, or themed activities that fit the Harry Potter universe.

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