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Harry Potter: Magic Awakened: The Complete Dance Club Guide and Tips

Show off your skills on the Dance floor!

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened as a collaboration between Warner Bros. Games and NetEase, is an engaging collectible card game (CCG) that merges MMO and RPG elements. Players can have the real-time experience of a Hogwarts student by interacting with different people, learning spells, socializing, and even dancing with other students. In this Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Dance Club Guide, players will learn more about this feature and have a greater knowledge of it.

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How to Unlock Dance Club in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

In Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, the Dance Club is a Partner feature that allows players to dance with other students, including players from around the world.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Dance Club
Image via Warner Bros

To access the Dance Club, players need to complete the initial portions of Chapters 1-1 of the Story Quest, which unlocks a story mission. Completing this mission and participating in dances with characters like Cassandra will grant players access to the various features offered by the Dance Club.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Dance Club location

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Dance Club location
Image via Warner Bros

The Dance Club in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is situated within the Hogwarts School of Wizardry, located in the central section of the school’s grounds. This dedicated area within Hogwarts is specifically designed for dance activities, providing players with a designated space to enjoy dancing in the game.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Dance Club Guide: Tips and Tricks

To participate in dance activities with players worldwide in the game, you need to join Hogwarts’ Dance Club. This exciting feature allows you to engage in dance showdowns against other players. It’s an opportunity to demonstrate your skills, timing, and understanding of the game mechanics.

Collaborating with other players in partnerships enhances teamwork, as the points earned are combined for better results. Show off your moves, synchronize with your partner, and aim for high scores in the exhilarating dance competitions within the Dance Club.

1. Improve your Dance Stamina

Image via Warner Bros

Unlike the Duelling Club, The Dance Club invitation is limited to a maximum of 6 invitations when maxed out. It can regenerate 2 stamina every hour. Players need to maximize their dance invitations and not let them get capped most of the time. This way, players will gain greater progress in their Dance Club journey.

2. Choosing your Partner

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Dance Club
Image via Warner Bros

The Dance Club will require players to choose a partner. It can be an actual player online or an NPC that the player will choose. It is important to know that there are no gender restrictions when doing the activity in the dance club, it can be both male or female partnerships doing the Dance activity.

3. Introducing the Dance types

When in the stage after choosing a partner, players are given an option about the available dance mode and songs for players to go for. There are certain melodies and themes for each song and players can freely explore this and see the best one that fits their taste.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Dance Club types
Image via Warner Bros

These songs also have different difficulties that will be unlocked as players progress through each one. The following dance and songs are the following:

Dance TypeSong name
WaltzFirst Encouter
TangoPuddifoot’s Gaze
FlamencoA Long Journey Awaits
TangoDeep Night
WaltzCloudtop Steps
FlamencoPursuit & Ramble

4. Timing is Key

Randomly appearing yellow circles on the screen will develop an outer circle that gradually decreases in size. To earn maximum points, it is best to tap the inner circle when both circles are of equal size. Tapping too early results in fewer points, while tapping too late or not at all leads to zero points.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Dance Club
Image via Warner Bros

The number of circles appearing simultaneously and the speed of their outer circles’ shrinkage vary based on the chosen difficulty level. Additionally, higher difficulty levels introduce blue circles that require swiping in a specific direction.

5. Dance Club Grade

After the dance session concludes, you will be provided with several key pieces of information. Firstly, you will receive your score, as well as your partner’s score. These scores will be combined to calculate the total score achieved by both of you. Additionally, a grade will be assigned to both you and your partner based on your performance.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Dance Club score
Image via Warner Bros

The overall accuracy percentage will also be presented, indicating how accurately you both executed the dance moves. Furthermore, you will be informed about the number of hits per accuracy, which quantifies the number of successful moves about the overall accuracy achieved.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Dance Club Rewards

In the Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Dance Club, the rewards you receive depend on the difficulty level you complete and the songs you unlock. By choosing higher difficulty levels, you can earn better rewards, including exclusive ones specifically designed for those challenges. The following rewards from the Dance Club are mainly focused on cosmetics for players in their characters and items. Here are the following rewards:

  • Madam’s VIP Coupon
  • Madam’s Student Coupon
  • Fireworks

It is important to note that some rewards can be obtained by doing some quests related to the Dance Club activities.

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