HeroVersus is a new action title for Mobile and PC that will feature crossplay

Action games are currently the most sought genre in gaming. The latest advancements in the action genre is pushed further by the announcement of the latest title HeroVersus. The developers have confirmed their game advances with entering the closed beta phase for PC. However, the game is available as a soft-launch in some regions for Android.

About HeroVersus

HeroVersus is a new free to play fighting 2D scrolling game that will be available on mobile, Switch and PC. It is a title which is currently under development by The Versus Corp. It comes with real online PVP mechanics and cross-platform matchmaking with players from PC, Steam version, Android and iOS versions fighting in the same servers for ranking domination. HeroVersus will be a free to play game, where you can download and try without any cost. However, the game will sell characters and costume skins as in-app purchase items. The developers have confirmed that there will be no difference between paid and unpaid players in HeroVersus that certainly hints towards a fair ground for everyone.

Along with it, the game also features an option for social messaging. This is to allow instant chat with other players and to help to provide the latest community news.

Game Features and Modes

Players will have 11 characters initially available in the game. Through in-app purchases, they can be further purchased. Beyond additional characters, other items in HeroVersus includes costume skins and other cosmetic accessories that won’t directly affect gameplay, and won’t favor a P2P.

HeroVersus features different modes for players to enjoy. It includes casual game mode, practice mode, survival and ranked games. It is so that to provide opportunities in tournaments and esports competitions.

Release date of HeroVersus

While no official release date has been set yet, the closed beta is keenly under work for PC. If it continues progressing well, the release of the game can be anytime in late 2020. However, the game will definitely contain new builds being pushed out that feature tons of fixes and balancing as well as new content like new modes and characters. So if you want to try out the beta then you can signup here.

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