Higan: Eruthyll to soft launch in Singapore, Malaysia, and Canada on February 23, 2023

It's time to experience magic!

BILIBILI HK LIMITED has announced that Higan: Eruthyll, their upcoming real-time strategy title, will soft launch on the 23rd of February 2023 in select countries. This comes three months after the game opened for pre-registration. The global release date has also been announced by the makers.

Experience a fusion of technology and magic in Higan: Eruthyll

BILIBILI created Higan: Eruthyll and it is the company’s first self-developed mobile title. Team members included people who worked on the Genshin Impact project. This can be seen as Higan: Eruthyll has stunning anime-style graphics, intense combat, and excellent animations.

Focusing on the plot, the players take on the role of the leader of the Gopher Troupe in a war to awaken the people of the world from a deep sleep. This is caused by Fantasyland, where technology and magic have been successfully fused together. Players are tasked with leading the Gopher Troupe in the battle against Fantasyland.

Higan: Eruthyll combines board games and card games. Players control characters on a hexagonal grid while issuing attack commands via cards. Dominating the battle is simple with “bullet time,” which allows players to slow down the action. This is to plan and choose how to use the various tactical styles offered by the game’s various classes.

As far as the soft launch is concerned, players from Malaysia, Singapore, and Canada can get a head start on the game on February 23. Players from the mentioned regions can get the game via Google Play and App Store. The makers have announced a global release date of April 6th this year, so fans need to wait a little more to try their hands. With over 700,000+ players registered, the game looks ahead for a great start.

What are your thoughts on Higan: Eruthyll soft launch? Do let us know in the comments below!

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