Higan: Eruthyll is a Real-Time Strategy mobile RPG game now up for pre-registration

With pre-registration started on November 17th on the game’s official website, Google Play, and App Store, BILIBILI HK LIMITED announced that Higan: Eruthyll will launch soon in all regions (East Asia excluded). Higan: Eruthyll is BILIBILI’s first wholly internal mobile game that went into closed beta testing earlier in August.

The game’s immersive gameplay experience is enhanced by anime-inspired graphics, furious fighting scenes, and top-notch animation. It combines 3D RTS action with traditional RPG components. When Higan: Eruthyll hits 1 million pre-registration, players who pre-register now will have access to a powerful 3-star character as a prize.

Higan: Eruthyll is set in a world where magic and technology have fused

Higan: Eruthyll is a 3D Real-Time Strategy RPG that combines magic and technology in its aesthetic. The game is BILIBILI’s first independently created mobile game, and members of the development team have worked on games like One Piece and Genshin Impact. As a result, Higan: Eruthyll features stunning anime-like graphics, intense combat, and top-notch animation.

Image via BILIBILI

By displaying “Reality” and “Fantasyland,” the promotional video showed the dual worlds setting. The goal of the game is to awaken people from a deep sleep and wrest reality back from an endless nightmare. Players are tasked with leading the Gopher Troupe in the battle against Fantasyland.

Higan: The planet of Eruthyll is one in which magic and technology have coexisted. Every player who decides to go out on an adventure on Planet Eruthyll will witness a captivating and immersive narrative come to life before their eyes.

The action at the centre of Higan: Eruthyll blends board games with card games. The gameplay is made to be accessible to new players as well as immersive and intense for seasoned players. With “bullet time,” which gives players the ability to plan and choose how to use the variety of different tactical styles offered by the game’s various classes, dominating the battle is simple.

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