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HIT 2: The sequel to Nexon’s popular MMORPG is set to release this year

Nexon’s CEO has revealed images for the game

New cover images for Heroes of Incredible Tales 2 (HIT 2), the sequel to HIT – a PvP/Co-Op MMORPG, have sprung up as the game gears up for its release this year. These are the first images that have been released for the game from Nexon since its announcement. 

As reported by Inven, the images released by Nexon give players a first look at the “Intera Castle” and the “Tria Field” which are going to be key locations in the game. 

HIT 2 is going to release with global support this year

HIT 2 was first announced last year under the name “Project XH” and unlike HIT, which got millions of players but was a mobile-only title, this one is going to be available on PC and mobile devices. In September last year, Nexon signed agreements under which it would provide global support for the game so that audiences worldwide would be able to enjoy the game along with Korea. 

HIT 2 release
Image via Nexon

The game features large competitive battles and PD Park Young-sik, who oversees HIT 2’s development, has said, “HIT 2 will give players a high level of authority to set the rules in the game on their own, providing a different level of fun than before. We are concentrating our development capabilities to achieve a high level of perfection, so please look forward to it.”

HIT 2 is expected to officially launch later this year with pre-registration starting in the second quarter of 2022. Considering the fact that the first game in the series HIT was a massive success with more than 25 million downloads after its release in 2016, this title too has the potential to do great as long as the gameplay satisfies new and old players. 

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