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Nexon signs publishing agreement for Korean and global version of HIT 2

HIT 2 was announced earlier this year as Project XH

On September 27, Nexon Co., Ltd signed a publishing agreement, in effect announcing that Nexon Korea will provide global support for HIT 2. The game is the sequel to the popular HIT (Heroes of Incredible Tales) on mobile devices and was developed by Nexon subsidiary NAT Games Co., Ltd.

HIT 2 was announced earlier this year as Project XH, the game is going to be a multiplatform MMORPG on PC and mobile devices. The game will feature large-scale battles and allow players to interact and party together to explore and conquer content in the world. The game will be crafted from the ground up using Unreal Engine 4. Sadly, Nexon hasn’t provided us with any images or videos, so not much else is known about the product yet.

HIT 2 has big shoes to fill with HIT’s massive following

HIT was a very popular title when it was launched back in 2016, the game reached a total of 25 million downloads and managed to be one of the most successful launches at the time. Back in 2016, HIT even managed to gain notice from the Korean Game Awards by managing to be placed among the top-performing games in Korea and globally.

“Based on NAT Games’ own RPG success… we will actively support HIT 2 to continue its new box office success”

Lee Jung-Heon, CEO, NEXON Co. LTd.

HIT 2 is going to integrate all the experience gained by Park Yong-Hyun, Chief Executive Officer at NAT Games, to create the most successful follow-up they can.

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Image via Nexon

Hopefully, we will be getting gameplay and other information based on the title soon. Players all over the world are very excited to see what innovations HIT 2 will bring and how it will prove as a worthy successor to HIT, the premier of mobile graphics at the time of its launch.

What are your thoughts about Nexon signing the publishing agreement of HIT 2? Are you excited for the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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That was the very best part of HIT to begin with !!!

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