Honkai Impact 3rd v6.1 Moonshade Epic update is set to release on October 27

Introducing the carefree traveling swordswoman!

Honkai Impact 3rd has announced that it will upgrade to v6.1 Moonshade Epic on October 27, 2022. Swordswoman Li Sushang, who was born in Shenzhou five hundred years ago, will board the ship. Captains will have the opportunity to learn about Li Sushang’s valiant actions and encounter her Tales of Xia: Phantasia obsession in the upcoming Midnight Chronicle event in version 6.1. In addition, a brand-new adventure will start in the most recent major plot on the moon, where more scenes and characters are still to be revealed.

Honkai Impact 3rd v6.1 introduces a new character

The Jade Knight, Li Sushang, who has been dormant for centuries, awakens in the next version 6.1, and begins her new journey in the present. She was the Wanderer’s House’s top student in the distant past when she set out on her own to travel and face challenges, only to get caught in a flurry of conflicts and suffer serious injuries.

Otto cryogenically froze her using Schicksal technology and didn’t reawaken her till they reached Kolosten. As Li Sushang’s voyage in the present-day world goes on, everything appears so new and full of wonder. Her fearless and carefree temperament made it easy for her to adjust to the new setting, and she has even grown to love video games and developed talents in them that rival her martial arts!

Honkai Impact 3rd v6.1 Jade Knight
Image via HoYoverse

Li Sushang uses a blade for melee strikes and creates flying swords for ranged attacks as an S-rank PSY-type dishing Ice DMG. She can use her agility to blink across the Blade Array while standing securely on her sword in battle.

With grace and agility, she can also constantly conjure flying swords to attack and ensnare adversaries in the array. Her Ultimate, Blade Eminence, calls down a massive sword from the sky to rule the battlefield with overwhelming might! All stage and skill timers are put on hold during the skill cast. The team’s ice DMG dealers get more bonuses, and the enemy team takes a tonne of damage.

Version 6.1 update brings exciting events and a new chapter

In the updated version, the two-part event Midnight Chronicle illuminates Li Sushang’s valiant actions and gives Captains the chance to play the game she’s been fixated on, Tales of Xia: Phantasia. In the co-op event Tales of Xia: Phantasia, each map has a set of objectives that are randomly reset each day.

There are 12 maps available, divided into three categories: speedrun, survival, and scoring. Players can play alone or with friends to form a team of up to four people. Play the event to earn fantastic gifts, such as the scorching gravel costume from Infinite Ouroboros.

Along with the latest update, The Story Chapter XXXII will continue the story from a new setting—the moon. The Moon’s Origin and Finality, Part 1 of the main tale, concludes with this chapter. Kiana and Mei are going to get back together at last after a protracted separation! The subsequent iterations will feature more sceneries and characters and venture below the moon’s surface to learn what is happening there.

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