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Honkai: Star Rail 1.4 banner order leaks, characters, and more

Who are you pulling for in version 1.4?

As the player base of Honkai: Star Rail continues to grow, the game is undergoing significant updates. The highly anticipated version 1.4 of Honkai: Star Rail is set to introduce new characters and banners, generating a wave of excitement among fans. This anticipation has been fueled by engaging promotional posts from HoYoverse, as well as leaks from credible insiders on platforms like Twitter and Reddit. These leaks have provided players with exciting glimpses of the upcoming 1.4 banners and the planned order for introducing new characters in the update.

Thanks to a combination of official information from HoYoverse and reliable leaks, players have gained a thorough understanding of the upcoming character lineup and their release sequence in Honkai: Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail 1.4 banners
Image via HoYoverse

This insider knowledge has spurred discussions and speculation within the community, centered around the abilities, narratives, and gameplay mechanics of these upcoming characters. Players are eagerly looking forward to experiencing the distinctive playstyles and captivating stories that these new characters will bring to the ever-evolving world of Honkai: Star Rail.

Jingliu is the first banner for version 1.4 in Honkai: Star Rail

In version 1.4 of the game, an intriguing character named Jingliu will be introduced as the main focus of the upcoming patch’s first banner. Previously, she held the esteemed position of being the sword master of Xianzhou Luofu and served as a mentor to Jing Yuan. Jingliu follows the Path of Destruction and wields the formidable power of the Ice-type element.

Anticipation is high among players as she emerges as a sought-after five-star character, adding to the excitement surrounding the update. Jingliu’s character development is marked by her role as the former sword master of Xianzhou Luofu and her mentoring relationship with Jing Yuan. Additionally, the 4-stars featured in Jingliu’s banner are Tingyun, Qingque, and Sampo.

Honkai Star Rail Jingliu
Image via HoYoverse

Her story takes a dramatic turn when she falls under the influence of Mara, leading her to descend into insanity. She successfully escapes from Starskiff Haven, demonstrating her strength by freezing the Cloud Knights sent to capture her. Ultimately, her journey culminates in a significant battle against Jing Yuan, resulting in her defeat.

Leaked information has shed light on Jingliu’s unique gameplay mechanics. Her kit features a distinctive trait where her skills can be enhanced through her talent effect. Notably, she possesses the ability to drain the health points of her allies, introducing a novel gameplay mechanic to the Honkai: Star Rail universe. This new gameplay element is expected to create exciting synergies with certain other characters, adding depth to the strategic aspect of the game.

Topaz is the second banner for version 1.4 in Honkai: Star Rail

In Honkai Star Rail Version 1.4’s second half, players can anticipate the arrival of a new standout character named Topaz. This exceptional character is a 5-star Fire-type element follower of the Path of Hunt. Topaz‘s skill set holds significant and exciting features, especially considering the Hunt Path’s dominance in the current game state.

Topaz’s gameplay centers around her companion, Numby, a pet trotter intricately woven into her skill set. Numby’s involvement adds a unique dimension to her attacks and abilities, making her the first character to feature a pet during battles. This furry companion executes follow-up attacks based on Topaz’s skill set, accompanied by charming animations that players are sure to find adorable. Alongside the introduction of Topaz, the banner also introduces Guinafen, a new 4-star character.

Honkai Star Rail Topaz & Numby
Image via HoYoverse

Guinafen is an accidental outworlder resident of Xianzhou who treads the Nihility Path with the Fire-type element. Boasting the latest 4-star Damage over Time (DoT)-centered kit since Luka’s release, Guinafen specializes in inflicting burn DoT and scales effectively with ATK. She is projected to form a strong synergy with the DoT-focused Queen, Kafka. The 4-stars featured in the banner of Topaz are Guinaifen, Luka, and Sushang.

Honkai Star Rail Guinaifen
Image via HoYoverse

Guinafen’s burn capabilities are expected to maximize the Fire Damage boost provided by Asta, resulting in excellent synergy with Kafka and other DoT-oriented teams. With her emphasis on Burn and DoT effects, she emerges as a highly valuable 4-star Nihility character, presenting players with a potent addition to their character roster.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the upcoming Version 1.4 update of Honkai: Star Rail promises to bring a wave of excitement and innovation to the game. With the introduction of intriguing characters and the incorporation of unique gameplay mechanics, players can anticipate a fresh and captivating experience.

Leaks and official information have combined to fuel discussions and speculation within the community, hinting at the diverse abilities, engaging narratives, and strategic possibilities that the new characters will offer. As the player base eagerly awaits the update, the evolving world of Honkai: Star Rail is set to evolve further with the infusion of these new elements.

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