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Honkai: Star Rail Blade is coming next and here’s why you should pull for him

Another Stellaron Hunter Member to be released!

Blade is an upcoming playable character in the game Honkai: Star Rail, expected to be added in version 1.2. He is a Stellaron Hunter and skilled swordsman who transformed himself into a living weapon. He is deeply loyal to Destiny’s Slave and possesses an extraordinary ability to heal himself. During the main quest, his formidable presence becomes apparent.

Blade belongs to the Path of Destruction, a powerful 5-star Wind-type element character. These characters excel at dealing with versatile damage and can function as both DPS and tanks, maximizing their overall role in a party. Important information includes details about Blade’s gameplay mechanics, abilities, and skill set.

Why you should pull for Blade

Blade is anticipated to be a highly competitive 5-star character specializing in the Wind element and belonging to the Path of Destruction class. He excels as a damage dealer and possesses the ability to withstand significant enemy attacks. The Wind element is particularly strong, allowing Blade to exploit the weaknesses of various game content. Blade’s tankiness is boosted by his HP Scaling, enabling him to deal impressive damage based on his overall HP.

His Skill is remarkably efficient, lasting for three turns and making him a resourceful character in terms of SP consumption. Honkai Star Rail version 1.2 Banner order suggests that Blade will be introduced in patch 1.2 as the initial banner character when the new version launches. Recently leaked gameplay footage showcases his unique Skills, Eidolons, and Traces.

Blade Abilities and Ascension

Ascension 2Ascension 4Ascension 6
Vita InfitaNeverending DeathsCyclone of Destruction
When Blade’s current HP is at 50% of Max HP or lower, Incoming Healing increases by 20%.If Blade hits a Weakness Broken enemy after using Forest of Swords, he will restore HP equal to 5% of his Max HP plus 100.DMG dealt by Talent’s follow-up attack increases by 20%.
Honkai Star Rail Blade
Image via HoYoverse

Blade’s Ascensions reveal an extensive set of abilities that effectively complement his playstyle. His Ascensions and traces provide remarkable sustain and damage potential, showcasing his strength as a versatile character on the battlefield. Blade excels in both the DPS and Tank roles, all while maintaining SP efficiency.

Blade Abilities

Basic Attack – Shard Sword

Inflicts Wind damage on a selected enemy equal to 50% of Blade’s ATK.

Basic Attack – Forest of Shadows

Blade can activate Forest of Swords by using 10% of his Max HP. This ability deals Wind damage to a single enemy, calculated as 20% of his ATK plus 50% of his Max HP. Additionally, adjacent targets receive Wind damage equal to 8% of his ATK plus 20% of his Max HP. If Blade’s current HP is not enough, it will be reduced to 1 when activating Forest of Swords. It’s important to note that Forest of Swords does not restore Skill Points.

Skill – Hellscape

Blade can activate the Hellscape state by sacrificing 30% of his Max HP. While in the Hellscape state, he is unable to use his Skill, but his damage dealt is boosted by 12%, and his Basic ATK Shard Sword is transformed into Forest of Swords for a duration of 3 turns. If Blade’s current HP is not enough to meet the requirement, it will be reduced to 1 when he activates this ability. Notably, this Skill does not restore Energy and does not conclude the current turn.

Ultimate – Death Sentence

Blade’s Ultimate ability sets his current HP to 50% of his Max HP. He then unleashes a powerful Wind attack on a single enemy, dealing damage equal to 24% of his ATK, 60% of his Max HP, and 60% of the total HP he has lost in the ongoing battle.

Additionally, adjacent targets receive Wind damage equal to 9.6% of his ATK, 24% of his Max HP, and 24% of the total HP he has lost in the current battle. It’s important to note that the total HP Blade has lost in the current battle is limited to a maximum of 90% of his Max HP. This value will be reset and start accumulating again after he uses his Ultimate.

Talent – Shuhu’s Gift

Blade accumulates Charge stacks (up to 5) when he takes damage or uses his HP. Each time he is attacked, he can gain a maximum of 1 Charge stack. When Blade reaches the maximum number of Charge stacks, he performs a follow-up attack on all enemies.

This attack deals Wind damage, amounting to 22% of Blade’s ATK plus 55% of his Max HP. Additionally, it restores Blade’s HP by 25% of his Max HP. Once the follow-up attack is executed, all of Blade’s accumulated Charges are consumed.

Blade Eidolons

Eidolon 1 – Blade Cuts the Deepest in HellBlade’s Ultimate ability inflicts extra damage on a single enemy target, and the amount of extra damage is determined by 150% of the total HP Blade has lost in the ongoing battle. However, the total HP Blade can lose in the current battle is limited to a maximum of 90% of his Max HP. This value will be reset and start accumulating again once Blade uses his Ultimate.
Eidolon 2 – Ten Thousand Sorrows From One Broken Dream
While in the Hellscape state, Blade’s CRIT Rate is boosted by 15%.
Eidolon 3 – Hardened Blade Bleeds Coldest ShadeUltimate Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15. Talent Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.
Eidolon 4 – Rejected by Death, Infected With LifeBlade’s Max HP is increased by 20% when his current HP falls to 50% or lower of his Max HP. This effect can stack up to 2 times.
Eidolon 5 – Death By Ten Lords’ GazeSkill Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15. Basic ATK Lv. +1, up to a maximum of Lv. 10.
Eidolon 6 –  Reborn Into an Empty HuskBlade’s maximum number of Charge stacks is reduced to 4. Additionally, the damage of the follow-up attack triggered by Blade’s Talent is increased by an additional 50% of his Max HP.

Please keep in mind that the information provided is not official, but rather sourced from a reliable channel. As with any unofficial information, it is subject to change, so players should take it with a grain of salt.

Why is Blade worth pulling for in Honkai: Star Rail

Blade holds the distinction of being the first Wind-type Destruction character introduced in the game. His kit sets him apart from other Destruction characters due to his impressive damage output and sustainability. Unlike many other Destruction characters who may struggle in one aspect, Blade excels in both, making him a very competitive 5-star character.

Moreover, his overall kit revolves around delivering strong AoE damage with less SP consumption, allowing him to seamlessly fit into various team compositions and fulfill roles as a Main DPS, Sub DPS, or even a tank. It appears that Blade will be the go-to character for players seeking a formidable Destruction-type option in the game.

Honkai Star Rail Blade
Image via HoYoverse

If you’re seeking a powerful Wind-element character, Blade is the ideal choice. His playstyle aligns with the reckless nature often associated with the Destruction characters, offering high damage output at the expense of health. Blade has the potential to excel in the competitive scene and greatly enhance various team compositions. Anticipated to be released on July 19, 2023, as the first banner of version 1.2, Blade is expected to establish himself as one of the game’s versatile and top-tier 5-star DPS characters.

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Are you pulling for Blade in Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.2? Let us know in the comments below!

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