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Honkai Star Rail Version 2.2 update: “Then Wake to Weep” Special Program Livestream and what to expect

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Get ready for the upcoming livestream event showcasing Honkai Star Rail Version 2.2. During this event, exciting details about the highly anticipated “Then Wake to Weep” update will be revealed. I’m thrilled about this update because it will bring a host of exciting features such as new quests, characters, events, in-game rewards, and the introduction of thrilling new gameplay mechanics and characters.

Version 2.2 marks a major achievement for Honkai Star Rail, as it’s the third patch after its initial region expansion. Set to launch on May 6th, 2024, prepare to meet formidable new characters and delve into captivating events as the game takes a leap forward with this thrilling update.

Honkai Star Rail Version 2.2 Livestream release date and time


  • China Standard Time – 7:30 pm (UTC +8) April 26, 2024


  • Eastern European Time – 2:30 pm (UTC +3) April 26, 2024
  • Central European Time – 1:30 pm (UTC +2) April 26, 2024
  • British Summer Time – 12:30 pm (UTC +1) April 26, 2024


  • North America – 7:30 AM (UTC -4) April 26, 2024
  • South America – 8:30 AM (UTC -3) April 26, 2024


  • Gulf Standard Time – 3:30 pm (UTC +4) April 26, 2024
  • West Africa Time – 12:30 pm (UTC +1): April 26, 2024


  • Standard Time – 9:30 pm (UTC +10) April 26, 2024

Please note that the times mentioned are based on the given UTC+8 release schedule, and adjustments may occur for date changes due to potential inaccuracies. It’s essential to adjust these times based on your specific time zone for your region, as this compilation provides a general overview.

The official Honkai: Star Rail Twitter account has shared the exact schedule for the Version 2.2 livestream. We highly recommend staying tuned to ensure you catch this special program and stay updated on all the important details about the upcoming patch.

Honkai Star Rail Version 2.2 expected updates

I’m sure you’re looking forward to the upcoming Honkai Star Rail update, and hoping it lives up to your high standards of quality. I can imagine you eagerly anticipating the livestream announcement of new content to keep the game’s excitement going since its release. Alongside the leaked New 5-star characters and the new Harmony Trailblazer for version 2.1, here are other noteworthy elements to explore in the forthcoming update.

Version 2.2 New Character Banners

The much-anticipated launch of Honkai Star Rail 2.2 is poised to introduce some thrilling additions that you’ve been eagerly anticipating. Recent leaks have unveiled details about two highly awaited characters, Robin and Boothill, providing key insights into the game and hinting at upcoming events.

Moreover, the update will introduce a new elemental transformation and path for the Trailblazer with the Imaginary element and the Harmony Path. Additionally, this update marks the first time in a while that a new 4-star character will not be introduced.

Anticipate distinctive gameplay experiences from Robin and Boothill, while the new Trailblazer brings valuable buffs and unique skills centered around the Harmony Path in Honkai Star Rail Version 2.2. Leaks from banners for the update indicate that Robin will debut in the initial half, followed by Boothill in the latter half of the patch.

Honkai Star Rail Version 2.2 banner order
Image via HoYoverse

This information originates from the official Star Rail character website, where Robin, Boothill, and the Harmony Trailblazer are listed as “coming soon” and expected to be showcased in the upcoming live-stream event. Robin is classified as a Harmony-type character with a focus on the Physical element.

On the other hand, Boothill is a skill-based cowboy character categorized under the Physical Type associated with The Hunt Path. Additionally, the new Trailblazer, characterized as an imaginary-type character, is poised to be a versatile buffer for Harmony Character. Look forward to the release of Version 2.2 to seize the opportunity to add these exciting new characters to your collection.

Version 2.2 Fu Xuan and Topaz Rerun in Honkai: Star Rail

Version 2.2 is preparing for Fu Xuan and Topaz Rerun, following the recent rerun of the High-Cloud Quintet characters. While official confirmation is still pending, credible sources within the community have leaked this exciting information.

Honkai Star Rail Topaz
Image via HoYoverse

It’s an ideal moment to think about your character preferences, given that Fu Xuan, renowned as one of the game’s top tanks, and Topaz, known for exceptional follow-up damage support, are anticipated to return in rerun banners during both halves of Version 2.2.

As per the leaked details, Fu Xuan will appear in the first half, with Topaz following in the second half of Version 2.2. This offers a fantastic chance for players who may have missed obtaining these outstanding characters previously to include them in their collection.

Honkai Star Rail Achievements for version 2.2

Version 2.2 of Honkai Star Rail is poised to bring forth a plethora of new achievements for players to engage with. Recent data mining has uncovered around 40 to 50 leaked achievements, intensifying the excitement surrounding the upcoming update.

These achievements are expected to complement the new map, NPCs, quests, and various other features introduced in the latest version. This offers an excellent opportunity for players to test their skills, explore new content, and receive rewards and recognition for their in-game accomplishments.

Honkai Star Rail Version 2.2 redeem codes

Expect the unveiling of redemption codes during the live stream event, akin to what has been seen in previous HoYoverse game streams and recent Honkai Star Rail streams. Typically, these codes are revealed during the Special Program segment of the stream. Keep a watchful eye out for these chances and promptly redeem the rewards, as they often have a limited availability period.

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What are your thoughts on the Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.2 Livestream? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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