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Honkai: Star Rail Simulated Universe Gold and Gears Guide: 4000 Stellar Jade, Dice, Paths, and more

Another Simulated Universe permanent game mode!

Honkai: Star Rail is set to expand its content with an exciting update, bringing fresh elements to the Simulated Universe after the Swarm Disaster and World 8 expansion. In version 1.6, you can look forward to this Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe: Gold and Gears Guide, which brings significant information to the gameplay, including a new mechanic involving Dice, Paths, and more.

While the abundance of details may seem overwhelming, fret not. We’re here to guide players comprehensively through the intricacies of the new features in Simulated Universe. This Simulated Universe: Gold and Gears Guide serves as the essential resource for HSR players, providing valuable insights to navigate confidently through these exciting additions to the game.

How to unlock Simulated Universe in Honkai: Star Rail: Gold and Gears

To access Simulated Universe: Gold and Gears, simply achieve the milestone of clearing Simulated Universe: World 5.

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe: Complete list of Rewards from World 1 to World 6
Image via HoYoverse

This thrilling feature becomes permanently accessible for players starting from the Version 1.6 update on December 27, 2023.

Simulated Universe: Gold and Gears location

Find Simulated Universe: Gold and Gears in the same spot as the regular Simulated Universe which is located within the Herta Space Station, precisely under the Master Control Zone.

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe Location game image scaled
Image via HoYoverse

This familiar setting acts as the entry point to the captivating challenges that lie ahead in the Gold and Gears gameplay.

How to do the Simulated Universe: Gold and Gears

Simulated Universe: Gold and Gears introduces updated Blessings, Curios, random Occurrences, and novel Path Resonances. The latest version features Custom Dice, allowing players to freely assemble and customize dice faces.

Collecting dice faces with diverse abilities enables strategic combinations, resulting in more Blessings and Curios. Additionally, in the boss fight at the deepest level of the Third Plane, Path energy interference from Erudition will extrapolate Path Resonances, introducing fresh challenges for the team.

Earn rewards by collecting Simulated Universe: Gold and Gears Secrets and completing Tests and Conundrums. Clear each difficulty for the first time to receive first-time clearance rewards. With a total of 5 difficulties, players can choose more advanced challenges after clearing the fifth difficulty.

Notably, when tackling Difficulty II or above, unclaimed initial clearance rewards from lower difficulties are instantly granted upon clearing the current difficulty. Complete the Adventure Mission “Gold and Gears: Finale” by collecting all Secrets to unlock the brand-new Path of Erudition inside the Simulated Universe.

Dice Face

Dice Faces are game-changers in the Gold and Gears strategy, each with 6 customizable faces for unique impacts and bonuses, adding an exciting layer to your journey. With a selection of 12 Custom Dice, categorized into 4 types, each with distinct effects, you have the freedom to choose independently of Paths. Unlocking bonuses based on the chosen Path becomes possible by meeting a die’s requirements.

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe Gold and Gears Dice
Image via HoYoverse

Dive into customization with 6 Dice Faces per die, each featuring unique effects and tags for easy identification. Begin with 3 Custom Dice, and the journey unlocks more as you clear Gold and Gears with different dice. This allows you to tailor potent Custom Dice, infusing a dynamic and personalized element into your journey.

Dice Customization

Now, let’s talk about Dice Customization, a key feature in this round. As mentioned earlier, there’s a diverse collection of dice to explore, offering plenty of room for customization. Each die comes with 6 faces, giving you the freedom to swap them around as you please.

Honkai Star Rail Gold and Gears Dice customization
Image via HoYoverse

You can even upgrade certain slots through the Neural Network, although it’s worth noting that each slot has specific rules about the rarity of the Dice Faces it can hold. For instance, a purple slot can only accommodate purple or blue Dice Faces. So, as you delve into Dice Customization, remember to consider both your preferences and the strategic rules at play to optimize your Gold and Gears journey.


Gold and Gears introduces a new element known as Intra-Cognition. This feature decides your closeness to either humankind or inorganic entities based on your Cognition values as higher will be aligned with humanity, while lower values lean towards inorganic entities. If you’re unsure about the path to take, stick to the recommended routes.

Honkai Star Rail Gold and Gears intra cognition

Your Cognition Value is crucial for unlocking Trailblaze Secrets and Aeon Secrets, enhancing your exploration. Throughout your journey across the three planes of Gold and Gears, various factors influence your Intra-Cognition. Successfully defeating a plane’s boss within the appropriate Cognition Value range unlocks specific secrets, rewarding your strategic approach to the game.

Neural Network

In the Gold and Gears gameplay, the game has introduced the Neural Network as a feature brought over from the Simulated Universe by Screwy. Think of it like an ability tree. As you explore, you’ll come across Neural Impulses, a unique material similar to Ability Points. By consuming Neural Impulses, you can unlock various abilities within the Neural Network.

Honkai Star Rail Gold and Gears neural network
Image via HoYoverse

This system layer allows you to enhance your skills dynamically. So, as you explore, keep an eye out for Neural Impulses to unlock and make the most of the new abilities in the Neural Network, elevating your overall gaming experience.

Banned Path Systems and Path of Erudition Changes

In this feature, our focus is on studying Nous, leading to the introduction of the Path of Erudition along with its associated Blessings. The effects of these Blessings are intricate, primarily revolving around AoE ATK abilities and Ultimate DMG. It’s encouraged to take some time to explore and understand these effects firsthand.

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe Path
Image via HoYoverse

Additionally, a noteworthy addition by Stephen is the introduction of Banned Paths. This feature allows players to ban up to two Paths strategically. This can be a useful tool, especially when you need to tailor your gameplay by restricting specific Paths based on your preferences or tactical considerations.

Beacons and Adventure Domains

Other small enhancements have been introduced with the addition of new beacons in the latest update. One example is the Double Beacon that amplifies the challenge in Elite Domains by doubling the number of Elite Enemies. This effect extends to Occurrence, Reward, and Abnormal Domains, where the events within are also doubled. On the other hand, the Select Beacon allows Domains to host three occurrences.

However, once you initiate one of these occurrences, the other two will disappear. Meanwhile, Adventure Domains have received updates, featuring gameplay additions such as avoiding beams and a unique bit roulette element, providing a fresh and engaging dimension to the Adventure Domain experience.

Gold and Gears Conundrum Mode

Introducing the formidable Conundrum Mode as a substantial addition in response to player feedback seeking a heightened challenge beyond the already challenging Torturous Difficulty of the Swarm Disaster. In this mode, you can elevate the difficulty further with two types of conundrums:

  • Stats Conundrums
  • Auxiliary Conundrums

Both categories offer a challenging spectrum with 6 levels each, resulting in a total of 12 levels of additional difficulty. As players venture into Conundrum Mode, they can test their skills and strategic prowess against increasingly formidable obstacles, catering to those seeking an even more challenging and rewarding gaming experience.

Honkai: Star Rail Simulated Universe: Gold and Gears Rewards

In this unique Special Simulated Universe feature and update, the rewards have been thoughtfully divided into three distinct parts, providing players with a substantial bounty including a remarkable total of 4000 Stellar Jades, along with 2x Self-Modeling Resin, 2x Tracks of Destiny, and various other appealing rewards, here are all types of rewards available:

Honkai Star Rail Gold and Gears rewards
Image via HoYoverse

First-time Clearance Rewards

  • Self-Modeling Resin
  • Tracks of Destiny
  • Stellar Jades
  • Star Rail Pass
  • Relic Remains
  • Credits
  • Trailblaze EXP

Test and Conundrum Rewards

  • Self-Modeling Resin
  • Stellar Jades
  • Relic Remains
  • Lost Crystal
  • Relic Remains
  • Credits

Secret Rewards

  • Tracks of Destiny
  • Stellar Jades
  • Traveler’s Guide
  • Credits
  • Path of Erudition

To unlock the Path of Erudition in the regular Simulated Universe mode, players must finish all Trailblaze challenges and uncover Aeon Secrets within the Gold and Gears game. Subsequently, they are required to successfully accomplish the mission named “Gold and Gears: The End.”

As players explore the complex world of challenges and achievements, they can look forward to a rewarding journey with significant prizes. Each of the three parts adds to the experience, resulting in a plentiful offering that enriches the adventure in the Special Simulated Universe update, Gold and Gears.

Final Thoughts

Gold and Gears is a great addition to the update, bringing in new challenges and rewards to the Special Simulated Universe. We hope that you have learned from our Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe: Gold and Gears Guide that several features like beacons, Adventure Domains, and Conundrum Mode keep things exciting.

The segmented rewards, including Stellar Jades and other goodies, offer players plenty of reasons to dive into this enriching experience. The cover photo gives a sneak peek at the treasures waiting to be discovered, making Gold and Gears a rewarding and enjoyable part of the update.

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What are your thoughts on the Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe: Gold and Gears Guide? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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