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Honkai: Star Rail Yunli Abilities and Gameplay Leaks: Voice Actor, Eidolons, and more

Another unique character to be added soon!

Sources confirmed the introduction of Yunli in Honkai: Star Rail, sparking excitement among players with the recent drip marketing and her reveal as the latest character debuting in Version 2.4. Yunli, an upcoming 5-star character aligned with the Physical element of the Path of Destruction, has been officially teased, creating a buzz on Twitter. This Honkai: Star Rail Yunli abilities and gameplay leaks delve into the latest information about her speculated kit, drawing from reliable sources for detailed information.

Fans are eagerly awaiting Yunli’s arrival, captivated by her striking appearance and intriguing design. We’ll explore Yunli’s voice actor, abilities, and Eidolon leaks in HSR, providing insights into her unique playstyle and potential team synergies.

Who is Yunli in Honkai: Star Rail

Yunli is a sword hunter from the Xianzhou Zhuming and the beloved granddaughter of General Huaiyan, known as “the Flaming Heart.” She is frank and straightforward, having trained in swordsmanship and forging under Huaiyan since childhood.

Honkai Star Rail Yunli
Image via HoYoverse

This makes her the second-youngest prodigy swordmaster of the Flamewheel Octet. Driven by a deep hatred for the cursed swords from the Zhuming, she is determined to hunt down and destroy them all.

When is Yunli coming to Honkai: Star Rail

Yunli’s official drip marketing campaign was noticed on June 5, 2024, just weeks before the highly anticipated Honkai Star Rail 2.3 update, which introduces new characters Firefly and Jade. Although Yunli has appeared in earlier versions, this suggests she may debut in the upcoming 2.4 update of Honkai Star Rail, set for release on July 30, 2024.

This schedule follows the usual pattern of introducing new updates and anticipated leaks, including reruns and characters from previous versions. Yunli is expected to be prominently featured during the initial phase of the update as the primary character in the limited banner.

Who is Yunli’s Voice Actor in Honkai: Star Rail

Yunli, the new 5-star character in Honkai: Star Rail, comes to life through the talents of voice actors from around the world. Let’s explore the voices behind Yunli and learn a bit about these talented actors.

Yunli’s Voice LanguageYunli’s Voice Actor
ChineseLiu Wen
JapaneseWakayama Shion
EnglishBrenna Larsen
KoreanLee Ju-eun

Her character is enriched by the performances of Liu Wen in Chinese, Wakayama Shion in Japanese, Brenna Larsen in English, and Lee Ju-eun in Korean.

Yunli Abilities in Honkai: Star Rail

Yunli is a five-star Physical character on the Path of Destruction in Honkai Star Rail. Characters on this Path excel at dealing significant damage to both single targets and in Area of Effect (AoE) situations. Although most of her abilities remain undisclosed, leaks have revealed that her Technique protects characters from one incoming enemy attack. This unique ability has generated excitement among players.

Additionally, leaks suggest Yunli will have a powerful follow-up attack as her main damage source, similar to Clara’s counter-attack. She is also rumored to have an ability that drains some of her HP, akin to Blade. While it’s still early to confirm, many players are theorizing that she will pair very well with Feixiao. I will surely update this article once information about her basic attacks, skills, talent, ultimate, and technique are revealed.

Yunli Eidolons

Yunli’s Eidolon enhancements are pivotal in boosting her performance in gameplay, offering a variety of buffs and increased damage output, particularly through her follow-up attacks. While specific details about her Eidolon are currently limited to leaks from DimBreath, there’s a lot of anticipation for more information to be unveiled. As we await further details, this section will be updated to provide a comprehensive exploration of Yunli’s Eidolon and its impact on her gameplay strategies.

Final Thoughts

Looking at Yunli’s skills and the leaked information, it seems like she’s designed to be a strong offensive character with unique defensive capabilities. Her Technique can protect allies from incoming attacks, bringing a strategic layer to her gameplay.

Additionally, her powerful follow-up attack, which is her main source of damage, and her ability to drain her own HP, suggest she will be a dynamic and versatile addition to any team. As more information becomes available, her full potential and strategic uses will become clearer.

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