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Honor of Heirs is a new MMORPG, globally available on Android and iOS

Uncover the secrets behind the Calamity and Holy Grail!

The brand-new mobile MMORPG Honor of Heirs, created by X-LEGEND Entertainment Co., Ltd. and released by Audere Gaming (HK) Limited, is now available on mobile devices. Since its establishment in 2002, the expert game creation studio X-LEGEND Entertainment Co., Ltd. has released close to 20 online and mobile titles.

Players in Honor of Heirs are forced to travel and engage in combat in a fictitious medieval world where Calamity is spreading everywhere. In order to save the world, the protagonist will be led by Merlin and the appearance of Excalibur. Players will set out on a quest to learn the truth about the Calamity and Holy Grail.

Honor of Heirs brings exciting team battles and social systems

In Honor of Heirs, players can begin as either a Ranger, Warrior, or Elementalist. Depending on their favorite fighting style and weapons, players can become masters of any class. After choosing a class, players are not restricted to using that type of combat.

In Honor of Heirs, a novel Soulstone system enables players to acquire more combat abilities by wearing various Soulstones. Players can develop spectacular combinations of different battle philosophies by skillfully employing their class and soulstone skills.

Honor of Heirs
Image via Audere Gaming

The game has an intriguing social system that allows players who prefer interpersonal relationships to quickly make friends, find love, and get married to other players. The qualities of the Order, on the other hand, enable players with similar interests to form a Guild. The players will not only possess their own unique Order Territory, but they will also have the opportunity to face off against formidable monsters and reap several rewards.

Honor of Heirs and WEMIX have partnered together in blockchain technology

Additionally, Honor of Heirs and WEMIX have joined forces in the blockchain industry to establish the game exchange system where game currencies can be traded for HONCO tokens, giving players more flexibility in trade and other gaming elements. Complete a 7-Day Quest Trial after the game is officially launched to claim bountiful gifts and SR Soulstones. Players can head to the App Store or Google Play Store to download the game and log in now.

Are you excited as Honor of Heirs is now available on Android and iOS? Let us know in the comments below!

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