Honor of Kings animated movie ‘Baili Brothers’ is announced by Tencent Games

The Baili Brothers are here and they are here to light things up!

Honor of Kings, often referred to by its abbreviation HoK, is a massively popular multiplayer online battle arena or MOBA game developed by TiMi Studios from China and published by industry giants Tencent Games. The game, owing to its popularity is getting a brand-new animated movie that will focus on the Baili brothers from the Honor of Kings game, as announced by Tencent.

The animation project is announced during Honor of Kings’ 7th-anniversary live stream along with a lot of gameplay details of Honor of Kings: World, a new PvP game titled Codenamed Breaking Dawn, and an auto-chess title named King’s Chess.

Baili Brothers: Plot and overview

Baili Shouyue and Baili Xuance are the namesakes of the movie as they are the very same Baili brothers as mentioned in the title. They are present as playable characters in the MOBA universe of Honor of Kings and its international iteration called Arena of Valour, both exclusively available in their own regions.

Baila Brothers, Honor of Kings
Image via TiMi Studios

The Baili brothers, Shouyue and Xuance are both classified as being a part of the Assassin class in Honor of Kings, a class often favoured by players who like to play with a lot of patience and wait for the right time to strike the enemy and wreak havoc. The movie will apparently feature a much warmer and more lighthearted theme than the usual aggressive one we see in the game.

Baila Xuance, Baila Brothers, Honor of Kings
Image via TiMi Studios

In the Baili Brothers movie, we will get to see the brothers in their hay days when they were young and much more playful and carefree people.

It will also feature their upbringing and where they originated from, which is likely a forested area with streams, huts, etc, to name a few. The movie will have Huang Chenxi as the director of it and the writer of the story as well.

Honor of Kings movie Baili Brothers release date

Unfortunately, as of yet, there has been no inkling as to when the movie might be released, with fans worldwide waiting to see when it first comes out. But it is expected to be announced sooner than later.

Making a movie focused on such a successful game with a name that is popular by a long margin is definitely a recipe for success. But another thing that is important besides the success is the fact that how it will be received, thus, although the trailer looks great, it remains to be seen how the final product will turn out to be.

Are you excited about the Honor of Kings movie? Who do you like more, Xuance or Shouyue? Let us know in the comments below!

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