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Honor of Kings: World is an upcoming open-world title announced by Tencent Games based on its world-famous IP

New open-world RPG game, “Honor of Kings: World” will be released soon!

Tencent Games is coming with the spin-off of the world’s highest-grossing MOBA game, Honor of Kings. Tencent Games and TiMi Studio Group have announced that a spin-off titled Honor of Kings: World will be soon released on multiple platforms but the exact date of release is not yet known. Honor of Kings: World will be an open-world RPG that will include fantasy, fiction, and combat with monsters using magic spells and swords. 

 Honor of Kings: World shows hints of other RPGs

The trailer starts with the protagonists talking to each other about some entrance examinations. The whole storyline of the game has not been revealed, just a glimpse of the story and protagonists was shown. Shortly after, the gameplay was shown where the protagonists were seen fighting monsters and dragons with swords and magic spells.

In the trailer, one can see that the battle style of the game is similar to that of Monster Hunter while the stunning visuals of the world in the game are quite similar to Genshin Impact. It’ll be fun to watch a mix of different styles in one game, making it aesthetically pleasing as well as an easy-to-play, open-world battle game.

Collaboration with famous science fiction writer Liu Cixin

Tencent Games has collaborated with the famous writer Liu Cixin known for his novel The Three-Body Problem to infuse Chinese culture and aesthetics into the game more vividly. Liu Cixin is also the writer of the novel Wandering Earth, which recently got adapted into a Netflix movie. By the presence of Liu Cixin, it can be said for certain that the storyline of the game will be top-notch.

Honor of Kings: World announced
Honor of Kings: World gameplay overview

When will Honor of Kings: World globally release

Honor of Kings has 100 million active users every day, which raises the bar even higher for Honor of Kings: World. This is just the first announcement and at this point in time, it is not sure if the game will release globally or not. However, looking at the history and player base, chances are high that the game will release globally but the date is yet to be known.

Are you excited that an open-world spin-off ‘Honor of Kings: World’ has been announced by Tencent? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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