How does Mobile Legends matchmaking system work: Official explanation from Moonton

Being a 5V5 MOBA, every player expects to play in a fair and just environment. Matchmaking plays an important role to ensure that the match is competitive, battling each player’s skills, lineup and teamwork to brawl. However, Mobile Legends is notoriously known for its bad matchmaking system. And recently, the developer posted an explanation of how their matchmaking works on their official social media platforms.

Mobile Legends Matchmaking System was established based on the Elo Rating System

According to the developer, their matchmaking works based on a system by Arpad Elo, a physics professor that came out with Elo rating system that considers various number of factors such as rank, recent match results, skill level of teammates, number of teammates, etc. Each player possess their own “ML-Elo Rating” and will be matched against opponents with similar skill level in shortest time possible to ensure relatively fair matchmaking as soon as possible.

Mobile Legends Matchmaking System

In the post, an example was shown to further explain the rating. The blue team that consists of three Legend 1 players that’s one star away from reaching Mythic (with a two-star Legend and Mythic 98 points teammates) is said to be extremely close to 50% winning rate against the Red team, with four Mythic players below 100 points (base point) and a Legend player. The skill level is all based on the ML Elo rating calculation.

Players are dissatisfied with the explanation

However, players are still not happy with the explanation from the developer and started posting screenshots of three different ranks in a team, or higher rank opponents, demanding for a system that matches with teammates and enemies only in the same rank.

Some comments from players

Most players don’t mind waiting longer in the queue to be in better matchmaking. Some commenters also highlighted that people would turn their heads to League of Legend (LoL) Wild Rift if Moonton refuses to step up their game.

Final thoughts

While there are a lot of factors that should be taken into consideration, we should realize that the only fixed variable in a game is the player himself. Some Grandmaster rank players can be better than Epic rank players. And sometimes we can have a bad game too no matter how good we are at playing a hero.

“The theoretical skill level is not the only factor that determines victory or defeat. Hero mastery, lineup, team chemistry, etc, all can be important determinants for game.” -Moonton

There is definitely room for improvement in terms of matchmaking. Most importantly, players should not be discouraged by the difference of ranks between teammates and try their best to win the game.

What are your thoughts on the Mobile Legends Matchmaking System? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Thit Sar

So wondering for hearing about it and Thank you for explaining


They shouldn’t base on the rank of the player they should base on the game performances of the account.


Really in game performance? i have 75% winrate this season but i always got silver and bronze because I only focus towers turtles and lords thats make my team win you know Masha can do that,they should consider the objectives also, but guess what I always have 60 – 100 points team mate in mythic and im close to mythic 2, so you mean my performance is for legend only?


It depends in your understanding. Your the one that said that your performance is for legend only.


These fast few weeks match making is sucks!!! I was always teaming up with a player who encounter an internet connection or a low skill level. And thats the reason why I lost unterest in playing anymore. From epic3 i went down to Gm1 just in 1 day due to super bad match making.

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