How to buy Pokémon GO Plus +, a new peripheral device that can catch Pokémon

The new device will let you hunt for new Pokémon in style!

The latest Pokemon GO Plus presentation from The Pokémon Company revealed the launch of a new Pokémon device by the name Pokemon Plus +, that would help the players connect their game via Bluetooth. The peripheral would be shaped like a ball and will be portable enough to be carried around in pockets and bags. When paired with Pokémon GO, the Plus + device would be capable of scanning and even catching Pokémons in the nearby area. The device as of now can be purchased for $54.99.

The new peripheral device will also be compatible with the new Pokémon Sleep

The new peripheral device will also be compatible to be used with the new release in the Pokémon series by the name of Pokémon Sleep. The device has many features the most special one is the fact that it can catch and scan for new Pokémons even when the app is not open and used by the players this gives continuous access to the Pokémons in the surrounding areas.

Pokémon GO Plus +, Pokémon GO
Image via GameStop

The device is making rounds on social media with fans of the franchise eagerly waiting and willing to buy the product off the market once it gets released. Now we will list the ways one can get the hands on the waited peripheral from The Pokémon Company.

How to buy Pokemon GO Plus +

The new peripheral from the Pokémon Company might be a fancy one with many cool features and versions tagged along however, the extra plus sign, in the end, is not there without any reason. It comes with a steep price tag of $54.99.

As of now, the device is available to be pre-ordered at Target, Best Buy, and GameStop. Other than that the device was available at other portals as well but for the time being has gone out of stock.

With the price tag of $54.99. We will advise only the most dedicated fans of the game to go for the purchase. As for casual fans, the product might not be that appealing given the price tag.

What are your thoughts on Pokémon GO Plus + being released as a peripheral for Pokémon games? Let us know in the comments below!

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