How to play Undawn Closed Beta in any country

The most awaited post apocalyptic title can now be accessed from anywhere!

Undawn is a new post-apocalyptic open-world survival mobile gaming title, developed by LightSpeed Studios and published by Level Infinite, a subsidiary of Tencent. With the closed beta now underway, the game is now available from Google Play as early access in selected regions like the US, Canada, and Japan. However, with a simple trick fans from other regions of the world can also download and access the Undawn Closed Beta from any country.

How to download Undawn on Android (APK)

First announced in September 2020, the game is available for download in the selected regions of the US, Canada, and Japan as a closed beta after numerous delays. With the use of a VPN the game can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Follow the steps stated below to download it from Google Play while being anywhere in the world.

1. Get a VPN that allows you to connect to the US, Canada, or Japan

The first step towards accessing the game from anywhere would be to get access to the selected regions and that would only be possible via the use of a VPN. Hence find a suitable VPN which can allow the players to connect to the servers of the selected regions hassle-free.

2. Create a Country specific Google Account

In order to access the game from the markets of another country players will be required to make a Google account of that specific country as well, this can be done by making a Google Account while connecting to the VPN of that specific country. By doing this players will be able to make a country-specific Google Account, helpful in downloading the game from the specific servers.

Tencent featuring Will Smith, Undawn
Image via Level Infinite

3. Access the country-specific Google Play Store

Once the account is all setup, players should make an account on the respective country’s Google Play. Once the Google Play account is done, players are advised to restart the device, connect to the same VPN again and log in to the Google Play of the respective country again.

4. Search and install Undawn

Now once the above-stated steps are all done, players can go ahead and search for the game, Undawn on the respective Google Play and install the game. Once the name appears on the search tab, click on install and wait until the download is finished. Once the download is finished players will be able to access the game from anywhere in the world.

Fans from other regions can download Undawn easily

Despite the game being released in selected regions of the US, Canada, and Japan. Players from other regions can access the game with the use of a VPN. However, to accomplish this, they will be needing a country-specific Google account. Once available, players will be able to download the game by the use of a VPN, the download process on Android is the same as in other games.

Undawn Closed Beta Country, Undawn
Image via Tencent

Players will be required to have an active VPN only once in the initial stages of the game and after that, the game will be accessible even if the VPN is kept off while playing Undawn. By doing this fans and interested players from other regions would also be able to access the game before it gets launched globally.

As of now, interested players and fans from the selected region can download the game from Google Play and follow the official website for future updates.

What are your thoughts on our tip to play Undawn Closed Beta in any Country? Let us know in the comments below!

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