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Indus Battle Royale is bringing Olympic Pistol Shooter Heena Sidhu as a new Character

SuperGaming, a well-known international game developer, has teamed up with Olympic pistol shooter Heena Sidhu to include her as a playable character in their upcoming battle royale game, Indus. In addition to becoming the first Indian to win gold at an ISSF World Cup finals competition, Heena Sidhu is the top-ranked pistol shooter in the world according to the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF).

“I was surprised to see an Indian game studio take so much care and attention to detail, especially in terms of shooting and gun play and how all of it translates into Indus,” says Heena Sidhu. “It’s something I noticed as an athlete and an avid gamer, which made collaborating with SuperGaming all the more easier.”, she added.

Along with Heena Sidhu’s in-game avatar, SuperGaming also revealed another character Mor-Ni

Heena, a heroine whose in-game biography plays a key role in Indus’ universe and whose deeds have made her a living legend, is the outcome of this partnership. In Heena Sidhu’s real life, she had to defy expectations in order to not only turn her passion for shooting into a profession but also to be the finest in the world.

Indus Heena Sidhu
Image via SuperGaming

“Indus’ Heena has the right aspects of my attitude and personality,” says Heena Sidhu. “I hope you’ll enjoy playing as her as much as I had fun working with SuperGaming to bring her into the game.”, she added.

SuperGaming also unveiled Mor-Ni along with Heena Sidhu’s in-game persona. Mor-past, Ni’s which was hinted at in a previous video, is related to the game’s mythology since he is admired as a folk hero by the Yaksha, an intelligent race that formerly called the Indus region home.

Both Heena and Mor-Ni will be playable when Indus launches. You can pre-register for Indus right now on the Google Play Store for Android with pre-registrations on the App Store for iOS and iPadOS to follow soon. Pre-registering early will get you exclusive surprises that will make your experience of Indus truly your own.

What are your thoughts on the characters of Mor-Ni and Heena Sidhu in the Indus battle royale game? Let us know in the comment section below!

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