iPhone and iPad receive major performance boost in Xbox Cloud Gaming

Big news for gamers on iOS devices!

Cloud Gaming is a technology that is still in its infancy, particularly on mobile devices. However, Microsoft has announced that Xbox Cloud Gaming had received some major performance boost for iPhone and iPad devices in its latest update.

Xbox Cloud Gaming: Games on Xbox now on PCs, Apple phones, and tablets

Xbox Cloud Gaming is a cloud gaming service introduced by Microsoft that allows players to play games on the Xbox Game Pass on PC, Xbox, and even mobile. The service is seen as a competitor to Nvidia GeForce Now, which also offers cloud gaming services for PC users.

iPhone iPad boost Xbox Cloud Gaming
Image via Xbox

Cloud Gaming has been seen as a blessing for gamers with low-end devices or in this case, mobile devices. These normally would not have the firepower to run some of the most powerful AAA titles in the industry.

iPhone and iPad devices: Major performance boost on Xbox Cloud Gaming

Prior to the update, Cloud Gaming on iPhone and iPad devices was still far from perfect. Problems had still existed when it came to response time, which was understandable, given that the technology is still in its early stages.

However, feedback from the latest update has confirmed that the latest update has fixed a number of issues and has given it a massive performance increase. These have all combined to make the gameplay experience seem as flawless as possible.

Nonetheless, iPhone and iPad devices still lack a dedicated Xbox app to stream games on the cloud with users having to resort to using the Safari web browser, which is of course far from ideal. Nonetheless, the update presents a big step forward for the future of cloud gaming on mobile.

Xbox Cloud: How to use

If players want to use Xbox Cloud Gaming, they will first have to get an ultimate subscription to Xbox Game Pass.  They will also need a dedicated Xbox Cloud gaming control. Once they have both of these, all one has to do is head to the official website and start playing!

Do you think cloud gaming is the future of gaming on mobile? Comment your thoughts below!

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