Iron Order 1919 is a new mobile strategy game from BytroLabs

What is life… in a world where World War I never ended?

Bytro, the Hamburg-based studio which specializes in strategy games revolving around war has officially launched a new game, Iron Order 1919 in their lineup. The game is set in a universe during the year 1919 where the First World War (aka “The Great War”) never ended and the fighting has gone on.

Lock horns with your enemies

Despite being based on it, this isn’t the messy First World War that was a part of our history. It is just as brutal but instead of inaccurate muskets and torturous trench warfare, this war is in a world where progression in the field of science and weaponry has been really quick. Now, heavily-armored mechs take part in the battle with thick armor and overpowered weapons.

That’s the lore behind Iron Order 1919 and the gameplay is about controlling your units as they march into battle. There’s real-time multiplayer with PvP action, coalitions and alliances, special unit attacks, and more. The right strategy is key to winning even the hardest of fights, and resource management in this long and painful war is an essential skill.

Iron Order 1919, BytroLabs
Iron Order 1919 by BytroLabs

The game looks like it has a pretty good base to work off of and the potential to be a good strategy game that fans of the genre will enjoy. The game is loosely based on real-world events but the development team has made use of creative freedom to create something fleshed out and unique.

Iron Order 1919 is now available for Android on the Play Store and on the App Store for iOS. The game is definitely something strategy game fans must try out.

What do you think about Iron Order 1919 being launched for Android and iOS? Do let us know in the comments below!

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