KartRider: Drift announces season one “New World” with Console cross-play

Exciting inaugural season one arrives soon!

The launch date for Season One of Nexon‘s free-to-play kart racing game KartRider: Drift, which will include consoles in online racing, was revealed today. Preseason PC and mobile racers will soon be able to engage in intense, drift-fueled competition against Xbox and PlayStation players from all over the world on Steam, Nexon Launcher, Android, and iOS.

Starting on Thursday, March 9, Season One “New World” will be fully cross-platform playable. Along with daily player prizes and activities, Season One also includes a ton of enhancements, brand-new content, racetracks, and a season-long theme.

KartRider: Drift Season One features exciting game modes to train and earn rewards

KartRider: Drift is not as easy as it might seem.. The title’s various game modes are intended to train and test both novice and seasoned racers. It is simple to learn yet difficult to master.

  • In Item Mode, players can tactically deploy a variety of offensive and defensive objects, like shields, barricades, and nitrous boosts, to help or impede other racers on the course as they compete to cross the finish line first.
  • With no restrictions and no objects to slow drivers down, Speed Mode puts a racer’s drifting abilities to the test. On the podium, the winner of the race takes home the prize.
  • The License System is a set of tests used to assess a racer’s resolve and advance their degree of expertise. Unlocking exclusive player stuff like karts, characters, and extra tracks is possible after completing License challenges.
  • Racer skill levels can be pushed to the extreme in Time Attack Mode to dominate the leaderboards.

Players can unlock characters, karts, accessories, emotes and more in the game

Players in KartRider: Drift has complete control over personalization options to express themselves fully and win the race in style thanks to the game’s diverse selection of distinctive characters and karts. Racers can unlock more characters, karts, accessories, and emotes by completing various daily challenges and event challenges on the Normal Racing Pass. With the purchase of a Premium Racing Pass, additional premium challenges and awards are also accessible.

In an upcoming update on Thursday, Feb. 16, KartRider: Drift will continue to introduce enhancements and modify the fundamental gameplay experience based on player feedback while still in Preseason. As the date draws near, more information will be made accessible on the KartRider: Drift website.

Are you excited about Season One “New World” of KartRider: Drift? Let us know in the comment section below!

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