King of Avalon: FunPlus releases a new trailer featuring popular actor Orlando Bloom

This marked the Hollywood star’s return to a medieval setting!

Orlando Bloom, a well-known Hollywood actor, stars in the new real-action trailer for King of Avalon, which was just released by FunPlus, a top mobile game developer and publisher. In the free-to-play mobile game based on the King Arthur legend, Bloom recently made his debut as a playable character.

Players can experience significant game updates in this new version of Frost & Flame: King of Avalon, including the game mode Tower Defense, a new, distinctive American-comic graphic style, as well as a new plot. Additionally, starting today, Orlando is available as a free hero for new players.

King of Avalon introduces a number of significant in-game upgrades

In this brand-new trailer for King of Avalon, Knight Orlando bravely engages an enemy force. But when his offensive falters, he must change the course of the conflict by sounding the war horn to seek the aid of a real-life Orlando Bloom, who enters the fray and calls forth a dragon that flips the battle’s balance.

Frost and Flame: King of Avalon introduces a number of significant upgrades to the game in addition to offering Orlando the Nightshard as a free hero to new players. This updated version of the game features a distinctive American-comics art style, a new Tower Defense gameplay mode in which players must strategically deploy heroes and troops to fend off waves of the Unmelted, a dangerous new foe, as well as a new immersive world setting and plot in which the Unmelted are approaching Avalon.

The harsh Long Winter has seen these enigmatic animals, who are clad in snow and ice, invade the continent of Avalon. Players will try to guide different heroes to victory over the Unmelted and restore Avalon’s peace and grandeur.

When the difficulty level increases in the new Tower Defense conflicts, players must employ troop restraint methods, and deploy a variety of troops, including Bowmen, Spearmen, Swordsmen, and Cavalry, as well as heroes and dragons to unleash their powers.

It was incredibly fun to shoot the new trailer of ‘King of Avalon’ with the FunPlus team. Acting in medieval settings is something I’m pretty familiar with, but lending my likeness to a mobile game is new and it was a fun experience. I hope all the ‘King of Avalon’ players win many battles with Orlando the Nightshard

Orlando Bloom

Players in this updated edition will also need to construct their cities entirely differently using new mechanisms to give their citizens professions and rebuild their kingdoms after an invasion by saving the citizens and eradicating the Unmelted.

Orlando the Nightshard has already become a fan-favorite hero in King of Avalon and we’re excited to invite new players to the game to enjoy the character too. Orlando marks the beginning of a new era in ‘King of Avalon’, through a renewed  in-game art design, a brand new strategic mode called Tower Defense and a thrilling narrative that fans will love

Chris Petrovic, Chief Business Officer of FunPlus

Orlando Bloom enters King of Avalon with a blockbuster plot that has since become a part of the game’s history. Up until the Unmelted emerged, the new hero was a well-known and revered leader of the knights. While attempting to save others, Orlando was once attacked by the Unmelted in Dragonshield Town. Orlando vanished, and a hero who resembled him but was partially Unmelted was discovered. The Ballad of Orlando, a brand-new in-game event, allows players to delve deeper into more of his tales.

What are your opinions on Orlando Bloom joining featuring in the new trailer in King of Avalon? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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