King of Kings is an upcoming 4x strategy game that blends Lords Mobile and Rise of Kingdoms

Currently available for pre-registration in selected regions!

A forthcoming 4x strategy game called King of Kings – KOK is presently accepting pre-registration on Android. YeekuGames, the studio behind hit games like Gun&Gang2 and Sword of Gem- Idle & Merge, created the game. The visual style of the game is extremely reminiscent of Rise of Kingdoms and Lords Mobile. The game is a strategy mobile game that players of all ages may enjoy, claim the game’s creators. The only thing left for players to do is to unleash their armies and watch in awe as they crush their enemies.

Build your castle while defeating hordes of demons

The game is set in a fictional kingdom called Vauprus which is inhabited by different kinds of people. The people of the land ally with each other during difficult times but they are also conflicted in many ways. In their quest for glory, they engage in physical conflicts around the kingdom. 

The player will have to enter the game as the ruler of Vauprus as the emerging king of the human race and they will have to choose a hero from a class of different heroes in the game. The game features unique visuals and allows players to strategize in order to defeat hordes of demons. The player’s primary task is to build an indestructible castle and train his/her armies to face large-scale invasions.

King of Kings pre registration
Image via Archosaur Games

There are seven races and five factions in Vauprus’ civilization. Violent dwarves, enduring dragons, hardworking and wise humans, elves that guard nature, courageous orcs, and enigmatic demons are among the various types of creatures that can be found. The topography of the Vauprus country has been carved with great care by the developers. Deserts, oases, ice fields, and mountains make up the landscape.

With “ultra-high-precision buildings and vegetation, true weather effects, and enormous sandbox landscapes made of varied terrains,” the in-game graphics are breathtaking. Players can carefully plan out their war strategies because to the game’s intuitive bird’s-eye view of the entire continent. Players can access the fog, inhabit the temple, gather resources, fight elite monsters, and explore the enormous continent’s infinity of possibilities.

King of Kings features a roster of heroes from different classes

Assuming the role of a future ruler of the human race, players will begin the game. Players in the game will have to contend with the demon invasion and the avarice of the orcs. The player’s primary goal is to construct an impenetrable castle and train the troops necessary to summon innumerable legendary heroes to battle foes. Players in the game have access to over 20 epic heroes from five different sides.

The main objective of the game is to participate in allied battles with other players. The game enables players to gather vast legions to siege cities and loot vast wealth. Along with the classic SLG gameplay, this game also has arenas, trial towers, war chess and magic dragons. After a successful battle players are rewarded with resources along with rare hero fragments and equipment. As of now the game has no official release date and is available for pre-registration in selected regions.

Are you excited as King of Kings is now available for pre-registration? Let us know in the comments below!

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