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Kingdom: The Blood entered Closed Beta Test and here’s our first impression

The popular Netflix Zombie series is getting a game!

Kingdom: The Blood is created by ACTION SQUARE as an action RPG inspired by the popular Netflix series “Kingdom.” First announced in August 2021, the company shared some details in July 2022 followed by a gameplay trailer in January 2023. Now the has entered a closed beta test almost 2 years after the announcement and here we’ll discuss the core gameplay and share our Kingdom: The Blood first impression.

The game’s rich narrative mirrors the intrigue of the Netflix series. Envision yourself in intense battles against zombie hordes, where each encounter tests your skills and strategic thinking. Face various bosses, each showcasing unique attack styles that require precision and tactical finesse. As you delve into the gameplay, take the opportunity to strengthen your character, unlocking new abilities that distinguish you in the competitive arena.

Kingdom: The Blood is very unfinished in CBT at the moment

As of the current Closed Beta Testing phase, Kingdom: The Blood feels like a work in progress. Despite offering various game modes, the overall experience is noticeably unfinished. Navigating through the game, you can’t help but notice the gaps in content. It’s as if there are missing pieces in the puzzle that prevent the full richness of the gameplay from shining through.

Kingdom the blood gameplay

The various modes tease at what could be an engaging and diverse experience, but the lack of completeness leaves you wanting more. Playing it makes you wish for future updates that will fill in the missing parts and make Kingdom: The Blood reach its full potential. Even though the Closed Beta Testing gives you a sneak peek of what’s coming, the game being unfinished means there’s room for it to get better with more stuff added.

Kingdom: The Blood Embracing Korean Heritage Design

Entering the world of Kingdom: The Blood is like stepping into a time machine that whisks you away to Korea’s fascinating past. Wrapped in traditional clothes, I found myself wandering through meticulously designed kingdoms and grand palaces that whispered tales of days gone by. And let me tell you, every little detail isn’t just there for looks as it’s a deliberate view to Korea’s rich cultural heritage.

Netflix Kingdom the Blood Game
Image via Netflix Games

As I strolled through the virtual landscapes, it wasn’t just pixels on the screen; it was a journey through Korea’s history. The clothes I wore, the kingdoms I explored, and the palaces I encountered weren’t just set pieces; they were windows into a vibrant cultural tapestry. Kingdom: The Blood is a portal into Korea’s captivating past, despite its dark-themed gameplay.

So, if you’re ready for more than just a gaming experience, buckle up. Kingdom: The Blood isn’t just a game as it’s a vivid, interactive exploration of Korea’s rich heritage, all wrapped up in a dark and thrilling adventure.

Unveiling the Potential of Korean Martial Arts in Kingdom: The Blood

In Kingdom: The Blood, you’re diving into some top-notch 3D action gameplay inspired by Korean martial arts. The game catches your eye with its cool move sets, characters, and action-packed attacks. However, when it comes to the actual fighting scenes, things could be a bit smoother.

Kingdom the blood martial arts
Image via ACTION SQUARE and YouTube

But hey, even with that little hiccup, the gameplay as a whole gives you a pretty exciting experience. It nails the vibe of dynamic action. And the cool part? There’s a chance for the game to get even better in future updates. So, while the combat might need a touch-up, the game’s foundation in martial arts is already pretty impressive.

Total Control and Diverse Modes

In Kingdom: The Blood, you’re the boss of the action, just like Hyungseok, one of the creators, highlighted. With manual controls, you get to shape how you play the game, making it your own. There are four diverse game modes to choose from: story mode, conquest, boss rush, and PvP. But here’s the scoop, even with all these modes, the game is still a bit like a story without an ending and needs more stuff.

Kingdom the blood pvp

The good news? These different modes mean there’s something for everyone. Whether you like a good story or just want to conquer stuff, Kingdom: The Blood’s got you covered. Just remember, it’s a bit of a work in progress, but it’s still giving players a bunch of ways to have fun.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Kingdom: The Blood offers players a captivating blend of action and cultural richness. From its visuals of Korean heritage to the dynamic 3D gameplay rooted in martial arts, the game holds promise for an engaging experience.

While there’s room for refinement, particularly in the smoothness of combat, the attention to detail in design and the manual controls showcase the potential for a truly unique gaming journey. Whether you’re drawn to the historical aesthetics or the diverse gameplay modes, Kingdom: The Blood provides a promising foundation.

That’s all for our Kingdom: The Blood first impression, what are your thoughts about the game? Do let us know in the comments!

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