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Netflix Games reveals more details about Kingdom: The Blood game with a trailer

The action RPG game will be based on the famous Netflix show Kingdom

South Korean Game studio Action Square and Netflix Games together have revealed more details regarding Kingdom: The Blood, based on the Netflix series Kingdom. The game was first announced in September 2020, and later in August last year, Netflix revealed some more details on this title.

The series is based on a zombie apocalypse that happened many centuries back specifically in the medieval period. The series gained significant popularity after its release. The game will launch for all the Netflix subscribers where Netflix Games is available.

Kingdom The Blood game showcased the first gameplay trailer

Netflix and Action Square have been putting significant efforts into covering the inside stories and elements of the South Korean series, Kingdom in their new action RPG. Sadly, no release dates are still not announced.

Netflix Kingdom the Blood Game
Image via Netflix Games

The game will cover the aspects and historical details that are mentioned in the series. Players are free to make their own characters in the game and with a specific main storyline to follow. Besides, the game will offer many multiplayer modes to choose from, starting from conquest mode, PvP battles, multi-boss battle modes etc.

Keeping in mind, the cultural authenticity and values of the South Korean culture, the game will cover the aesthetics and Korean traditional clothing sense featuring deep textures. The good thing about the game is, that players can build and customize their own character, setting up their looks and clothing, according to the choice with some diverse customization options.

The game portrays some of the beautiful and aesthetic sceneries of Korean palaces and gives the perfect makeover of a historical time. The game’s trailer shows how intense and beautiful the graphics will be. The intensity and the rage of the fight scenes are praiseworthy.

What are your thoughts on Netflix releasing its new action RPG, Kingdom: The Blood? Let us know in the comments below.

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