Kingdomtopia: The Idle King is now up for pre-registration on Android & iOS

Build your kingdom into an animal utopia!

Joyseed Gametribe’s new simulation-based game Kingdomtopia: The Idle King is going into pre-registration on iOS and Android. The pre-registration has started on August 12th. It is an easy-to-play game where you manage to transform your destroyed kingdom back to its glorious days. 

About Kingdomtopia: The Idle King

The game starts with the young and inexperienced Prince Snow whose kingdom has been destroyed in a war. He slept through the war led by an unknown enemy. But he has managed to become the new king of Kingdomtopia. You will be accompanying Prince Snow on an eccentric adventure to rebuild Kingdomtopia.

Kingdomtopia: The Idle King

On this journey, you will be getting support from Pugg. He is a loyal advisor who is in constant questioning of the prince’s intellect. Kingdomtopia is a kingdom full of anthropomorphic animals. Pugg isn’t the only one in the game as all types of animals in Kingdomtopia are lending a helping hand. You will be getting help from the farm owning Hen, a peppy entertainer Rabbit, and even a fishy merchant rescued from the sea.

Kingdomtopia: The Idle King

You’ll soon realize that each citizen of Kingdomtopia is brimming with personality, all assisting as mayors of specialized districts. You can have a rat that watches over the Gourmet District or a fluffy sheep that operates the Divines District. In a nutshell, you will be able to hire all kinds of interesting citizens in this game. They will join you to help Snow manage his kingdom and collect a pile of coins.

Features of Kingdomtopia: The Idle King

Kingdomtopia: The Idle King

As your journey on Kingdomtopia progresses, you’ll unlock Story chapters. Here you’ll be able to observe more hilarious moments between Prince Snow and the many citizens of Kingdomtopia. Your journey in this game will be to make your kingdom the most prosperous one in all the land. And in this journey, you’ll have to revamp districts, avert invaders and even encounter the spirit of the late father of Prince Snow who is now the King.

Android and iOS users can pre-register now

If you like idle and tycoon games, then you can pre-register for Kingdomtopia: The Idle King on Google Play Store or on the App Store. Sign up now and be the first in line to rebuild Kingdomtopia back to its glory days

Are you excited for the Kingdomtopia: The Idle King game as it opens for pre-registration? Let us know in the comment section below.

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