Knights of Cathena: fivefingergames announced its upcoming blockchain game

A turn-based tactics game!

Knights of Cathena, a new blockchain game from fivefingergames, a German indie game development firm, was announced. The game will be released in 2022, thanks to a partnership between the German developer and ComboStrike, international full-service marketing, and advertising organization.

Earn CGLD and NFT while having fun in Knights of Cathena

Knights of Cathena is the first game to mix turn-based tactics and blockchain technology. Players will be able to play without any prior knowledge or early investments because of the game’s seamless blockchain integration. Knights of Cathena transforms everyday casual gaming into time well spent by fusing cutting-edge gaming experiences with blockchain technology in the most effective way imaginable.

Knights of Cathena takes a new look at how people play and enjoy games, as well as how the gaming business creates them. This will be accomplished by giving gamers the opportunity to acquire CGLD and NFT while having fun.

For the first time, in the blockchain gaming space, the player‘s adventure takes the front seat in all aspects of game design. The player’s enjoyment of playing the game, without noticing the utilization of the benefits of blockchain technology, is at the forefront of our endeavor. This is the core of our transition from a Play-to-Earn to a Play-and-Earn economy.

Lukas Anetsberger, CEO and Co-Founder of fivefingergames

The Elrond blockchain will be used to implement the Knights of Cathena CGLD coin and the in-game economy in order to realize the ambitious objective. Elrond is a new internet technology ecosystem.

The Elrond internet-scale blockchain serves as its foundation, providing a smart contract execution platform that can be incorporated into any company’s technological stack. The Litepaper contains detailed information on the game, forthcoming token sales, and the business model. The game’s official waiting list is also open.

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