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KRAFTON CEO aims to unban BGMI in 2023

Q4 revenue affected by BGMI ban

It is no surprise that KRAFTON has been putting a lot of effort to unban BGMI in India ever since the ban was imposed. The company’s motives to bring back BGMI were once again confirmed by Krafton’s CEO Kim Chang-han in the Q4 report call that was held on February 7th, 2023. Along with this, Q4 reports along with the 2022 revenue performance were also shared.

Q4 sees a dip in revenue for Krafton

Krafton had earlier seen its present situation as a crisis and had taken steps to improve the current scenario. So it was evident that the company is not seeing the rise as we expected, and is facing is few issues. This was confirmed by the company’s Q4 revenue report for the year 2022, with the fourth quarter revenue decreasing up to 9.8% Quarter-on-Quarter and a 16.1% dip Year-over-Year on mobile platforms.

The 2022 mobile revenue wasn’t pleasing either for the South Korean giant as it saw a decrease of 11.6% compared to the previous year. The company confirmed that this was contributed mainly due to two reasons, the global reopening and the BGMI ban. The latter was harsh on the company despite showing strong results earlier in the year.

q4 2022 reports Krafton
Image via Krafton

Overall, the company generated 1,854 Billion Korean Won in 2022, which is 1.7% less than the 1,885.4 Billion Korean Won generated in 2021. Although, the operating profit saw good growth of 15.5% YoY with 751.6 Billion Korean Won. The Q4 2022 results showed it performed better concerning Q4 2021, but was a dip of 12.8% considering the QoQ.

Efforts to revive BGMI in India continue

BGMI was one of Krafton’s major sources of revenue, and from their Q4 revenue report, it can be seen that they have struggled ever since the ban of BGMI in India. To keep things running for the company, they need to revive BGMI at the earliest.

Krafton CEO Kim Chang-han
Krafton CEO Kim Chang-han (Image via Krafton)

Talking about the unban of BGMI in India and the possibilities of it, CEO Kim Chang-han said: “We have put in a lot of effort in unbanning the game, and in 2023 we believe that the regional uncertainties will start to mitigate resulting in positive outcome.”

Although the efforts from Krafton cannot be undermined, the real question remains whether Krafton will be able to uplift the ban on their game. With plenty of fans waiting for the game’s comeback, the real effort is from the makers.

What are your thoughts as KRAFTON continues its efforts to bring back BGMI? Let us know in the comment section below.

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