KRAFTON to introduce NFT / Web 3.0, VR, etc as part of 2022 resolutions, reveals CEO

The company will continue to challenge itself to bring new IPs

Kim Chang-han, CEO of KRAFTON, has revealed the company’s resolutions in 2022 during the KRAFTON Live Talk (KLT). He shared a lot of plans including new IPs, VR, NFT/Web 3.0, etc. in 2022. Besides, several new projects that are soon going to be released or under development were introduced. Details of the projects weren’t disclosed. KLT is a regular program held every month for KRAFTON internals.

KRAFTON is making games for its core fan base

KRAFTON looks to strengthen the efficiency of its previous products. To do that, Chang-han emphasizes providing a better live service to the customers, which is indeed a big move.

“Let’s strengthen our competitive edge by increasing the efficiency of live service for previously released games and strengthening our publishing capabilities. We will continue to challenge ourselves to create a new game IP by focusing on developing new games that can target the core fan base.”

kim chang-han, ceo, krafton

Deep Learning, Virtual Human, VR, NFT/Web 3.0 is on top of the list of KRAFTON 2022 resolutions

In the KLT, Deep Learning, Virtual Human, VR, NFT/Web 3.0 were introduced as promising fields for the company to expand its business. KRAFTON is ready to meet the new challenges. Kim said that the company plans to use new technology to provide new value to gamers and creators and to create differentiated content. This hints that KRAFTON is putting more focus on these fields.

Moreover, the company is closely spectating the current revolution of web 3.0 (thought to be the third and more transparent version of the internet based on blockchain) and NFT. “Web 3.0 is a world where Create-to-Earn (C2E) is accelerated by creating an ecosystem in which more rights are transferred to creators and consumers,” said Kim.

Image via KRAFTON

KRAFTON understands its role as a game company, but, it will continue empowering creators to create new content in an expansive ecosystem, and continue to challenge KRAFTON with its talented partners.

A new ‘Potential Program’ will be on the roll soon

KRAFTON will introduce ‘The Potential Program’ as part of their plans. A small team will be put in charge of a faster screening process. It will conduct product tests by users for a year to understand the core which will reduce the risk of the failure of any new product that the company wants to bring. “The Potential Program is a great opportunity for high-potential members to form a small team and experience the roles of PD and production leader,” said Youngseon Nam, Head of Studio Management at KRAFTON.

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