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KRAFTON reviews legal action against Banger Games for using the name of PUBG without prior permission

NFTs are not coming to PUBG afterall!

Banger Games is an NFT platform that specializes in integrating non-fungible tokens with various companies and games by collaborating with them. So when the news of Banger Games collaborating with PUBG came out fans got very excited. There were even talks of introducing an alpha test that would give an exclusive reward to players taking part in the test.

The news has been out for almost a week. However, KRAFTON has now stated that they have no idea about this collaboration and looking at the situation for the first time.

The blockchain aspect of the game was supposedly going to be handled by Banger Games

Various crypto and gaming news-sharing sites issued various articles about the now-deemed false collaboration. They even stated that it would reach players in 2023. There were even talks about various challenges being introduced in the game such as License to Kill, Kill Frenzy, and such which upon completion would leave the participants with rewards in form of NFTs.

They even went out of their way to come up with a fake poster using images from other games and pasting the logo of PUBG on top of it to make it look plausible.

PUBG Bangar Games
Image via KRAFTON

The Chief Product Officer of Banger Games, Nicolas Gonzalez even said the following line to the media, “This Alpha will demonstrate that players of games like PUBG can already benefit from platforms like ours without having to make an upfront investment or see their gameplay experience altered. As with previous platform tests, we expect another full house at this ALPHA thanks to our extra goodies and especially our limited digital collectibles that we want our users to own and carry as recognition for participating in the creation of Banger from the beginning.”

KRAFTON has come out and said that Banger Games are completely unrelated to the company. They stated that the claims of concluding a partnership are completely false too. KRAFTON is currently assessing the situation and is in the process of figuring out the circumstances. They are even considering if there is a need to take legal action against the NFT service-providing company for promoting NFT partnership by using the name of PUBG without any permission..

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