Kuma Sushi Bar is an upcoming simulation game by HyperBeard where players will manage a growing Sushi business

Making sushi has never been this fun!

Kuma Sushi Bar simulation game is a very popular sushi game in Japan and it was originally developed for the Game Boy Advance. The premise of the game is that the players need to make it through a variety of sushi bars by using only the items on the vending machine menu.

Once they clear the board, they can move to the next vending machine, making it through all of the sushi bars in the area. Players will be allowed to save the game after finishing, so they can replay it any number of times they want to.

Earn points by predicting the upcoming dish in Kuma Sushi Bar simulation game

Unlike most games in this genre, the players won’t accumulate score points for making it through each level in this game. Instead, they will be given reward points based on how well they can predict what dishes will be coming out next. This means that the guessing has to be good if players want to get more points. This makes the game quite challenging but also enjoyable.

Mix and match ingredients to create the best dish

Like most of the restaurant food simulation games, Kuma Sushi features a great menu. Unlike most sushi games, this one gives points based on the ingredients that the players place in the machine. There are three different types of ingredients available in the game.

There are also a couple of ways to score. The player can either get a single point for each ingredient, or double points for each ingredient served. The player’s highest score is based on the best combination. Of course, this means that they’ll have to spend more time practicing if they want to reach the goal. The game is already out for pre-registrations on both iOS and Android devices.

Are you excited to manage a sushi business in the Kuma Sushi bar simulation game by Hyperbeard? Let us know in the comments below!

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