Clash Royale is introducing Level 15 in its next update: All you need to know

No upgrade costs for Level 15!

Yes, the official announcement is here. After much debate about whether card level Level 15 is necessary for Clash Royale and countless conjectures about whether Supercell will scrap their future plans, the update will be live next month, as announced via Twitter. However, the biggest news for everyone is that there is no Gold for leveling up your cards to Level 15. So, those of you who were skeptical about this coming, have you changed your mind or are you still on the bridge? You might change your stance once you find more details.

Level 15 in Clash Royale: Upgrade cost, Leveling Up, and more

Zero Gold to upgrade to Level 15

One of the main concerns was about the gold costs that Level 15 brought in if introduced. Level 14 was already heavy for most of the users, and it was one of the reasons behind the disapproval. However, Upgrading to Level 15 will cost no Gold on arrival, which is a huge sigh of relief for the players. However, there is a slight catch.

Gold in Clash Royale
Image via Supercell

If there is no Gold involved, how do you upgrade to Level 15? She should be something, like a token, to get it upgraded, right? It is not like every card will automatically upgrade to Level 15 with a click. Yeah, all these questions have one answer: Elite Wild Cards.

Max Level to Elite Level

Clash Royale confirms that the term “Max Level” is no longer in use. Level 15 is now known as the Elite Level, so you can’t say “Maxed out cards,” or maybe you can, in secret though. When a card achieves Level 14, any excess cards of that type are turned into Elite Wild Cards under the new system. You can use them on any Level 14 card to advance to Elite.

Elite Cards in Clash Royale
Image via Supercell

However, since Elite levels are the highest cards you may achieve, the makers expect a very small percentage of players to have them, which are hence made to be difficult to obtain. As a result, Path of Legends is restricted at Level 14 for about six months after the Elite levels are dropped. The Event Tab will continue to be capped at Level 11.

Gold Overflow

With this inclusion of Elite cards, Clash Royale is removing the Gold overflow from the maxed-out cards. This means that the extra Gold you used to receive when you get a duplicate of a card will not be available from the next update. But, they are also increasing the Gold available in the game by more than 3 times what it was before the update, so it’s balanced pretty decently.

Card Evolutions

Clash Royale Barbarian Card Evolution
Image via Supercell

Last week, it was revealed that the Barbarian card in the game would receive a Card Evolution in June. However, yet another confirmation is that card evolutions will not be locked to Elite Levels. So, you will not need to have Elite levels to access the upcoming Card Evolution feature.

Slash Royale

To prepare the players for the Elite levels, Clash Royale be having another Slash Royale event in which the Gold upgrade costs are reduced by a massive 50%. Slash Royale will take place next month, from June 5 through June 18.

Card Level 15 sparked a huge debate even before its arrival

The announcement of Level 15 cards coming to the game was made in the official roadmap for the year 2023. As Level 14 was tough to upgrade, this prompted a heated dispute among the community. This, according to others, is superfluous and adds nothing to the players’ interest.

Soon after, the makers posted on the Reddit community r/ClashRoyale and discussed the feedback they’re getting on the impending plan to add a new card level within a week of presenting the roadmap, and asked for suggestions, which customers provided. It was followed by a dreadful March 2023 update, thus leaving the state of the game in such turmoil, even before Level 15 is live.

With the upcoming update scheduled this June with the card evolution on the 19th, we will finally get to see Level 15 cards. However, the question of whether this might upset the balance of the game still remains, and we will find the answer pretty soon.

What are your thoughts about Level 15 cards in Clash Royale? Let us know in the comments below!

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