Level Infinite announces its return to Gamescom with news of Into the Infinite: A Level Infinite Showcase

Tune in for new trailers and more

Level Infinite announced its participation in gamescom with the news of Into the Infinite: A Level Infinite Showcase. This marks the gaming brand’s first independent showcase, where they will unveil exclusive updates from Level Infinite and Tencent’s Global Partner Studios. The broadcast is scheduled for Wednesday, August 23, 2023.

According to David Tyler, the head of publishing for Western Europe at Level Infinite, the team is thrilled to kick off Gamescom with Into the Infinite, as it provides them with an ideal platform to present fresh content to a global audience. Players from around the globe can watch Into the Infinite on Level Infinite’s own Twitch and YouTube channels.

Level Infinite welcomes visitors to their dynamic booth at Gamescom 2023

In addition to the Into the Infinite showcase event, Level Infinite extends a warm invitation to Gamescom attendees, inviting them to explore the Level Infinite booth situated in Hall 6, accessible from August 23 to August 27, 2023. Collaborating with partner studios worldwide, visitors will have the opportunity to experience hands-on gameplay with a selection of the following titles:

1. Arena Breakout

Arena Breakout, the cutting-edge tactical FPS designed for mobile devices, has recently been launched on both iOS and Android platforms. Players can engage in an ultra-realistic war simulation, where strategic shooting and looting can lead to great fortune.

Arena Breakout Game Cover Action Gun, Arena Breakout Lite download
Image via Tencent

The game features the Ultimate Gunsmithing System, allowing players to customize their weapons realistically, and they can load up their backpacks according to their preferences. Each battle in Arena Breakout carries high stakes, where only those willing to take risks can emerge victorious.

2. Assassin’s Creed: Codename Jade

Assassin’s Creed: Codename Jade is an upcoming mobile game that brings the Assassin’s Creed experience to the third century BC in ancient China, a time of the first unified empires. The era is marked by flourishing trade and cultural exchange between East and West, but it also brings forth new challenges and hidden dangers. Players will embark on a journey from the Great Wall to the imperial capital of Xianyang, facing conspiracies and adversaries, and taking on greater responsibilities.

Assassin’s Creed Codename Jade Closed Beta registrations
Image via Ubisoft


GTFO, an intense co-op horror shooter from 10 Chambers, requires players to gather their most skilled gamer friends to survive. Stealth, strategy, and teamwork are crucial elements for success in this challenging game.

4. Stampede: Racing Royale

Stampede: Racing Royale, developed by Sumo Leamington and published by Secret Mode, is a competitive racing game that pits 60 players against each other in three-round eliminator events. Participants engage in Stampede Races on creative circuits with power-ups, and Stampede Battles take place in arenas filled with opponents to fight for victory.


SYNCED, a futuristic cooperative shooter is set in a world where nanotechnology has become essential to civilization. After a cataclysmic event known as the Collapse, nanomachines turn against humanity, creating deadly Nanos. Players assume the role of Runners, fortune-seekers in this apocalyptic world, and they can weaponize defeated Prime Nanos to combat the Nano hordes and other players. SYNCED offers high-octane PvE and PvP battles in squads of three.

6. Wayfinder

Wayfinder, an online action RPG developed by Airship Syndicate and published by Digital Extremes, takes place in the world of Evenor, which is threatened by a malevolent force called the Gloom. Players, known as Wayfinders, must control the chaos and reunite the fractured world, selecting from various Wayfinders with unique stories, play styles, and abilities to defend Evenor from destruction. The game will launch into Early Access on PC and PlayStation this summer.

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