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LifeAfter brings the Escape Park update with new gameplay and storyline

Unite to Fend Off the Corruption Crisis at Camp!

In their recent announcement, NetEase Games has revealed the introduction of a new event called Escape Park in their widely popular mobile game, LifeAfter. It is a mobile game that is set in a post-apocalyptic world where survival is a daily struggle. It has been a huge hit among players since its launch and has consistently been among the top spots on the App Store’s free and top-grossing charts.

The game is all set to bring a new challenge with the introduction of the new Level Editor-centric event, Escape Park. The event opens with a new main storyline update called Corruption Crisis, which promises abundant rewards for players to unlock. Survivors will have to face new challenges and struggles and work together to make new history in the game.

Build your own theme park in the doomsday world of LifeAfter

In the wasteland, an enigmatic amusement park has surfaced, adorned with vibrant decorations that once evoked gleeful laughter. However, viewed through the context of the doomsday world, it appears peculiar and ominous.

LifeAfter has unveiled its latest update, introducing the Escape Park game mode, enabling every player to become a level designer and craft their own theme park by mixing various obstacles and challenges. Survivors can invite others to test their survival and parkour skills in their levels, allowing for boundless creativity in this post-apocalyptic setting.

As Survivors bask in their recent triumphs over past calamities, a new threat looms nearby. Corrupted fungi have infiltrated their camp, jeopardizing humanity’s destiny yet again. The fate of mankind rests in the balance.

LifeAfter Escape Park brings a new outfit and furniture collections

Following the update released on April 28th, the video game LifeAfter will introduce the Obsidian Will, a new Collector’s Edition outfit. When worn, this outfit will give players the feeling of traveling back to the world before the apocalypse.

LifeAfter Escape Park outfit
Image via NetEase

In addition, a new piece of furniture called the Psychedelic Forest will be added, featuring fluorescent mushrooms that provide a distinctive appearance to players’ homes. Moreover, the update will also offer new rewards to players, allowing them to continue exploring the post-apocalyptic world while enjoying additional bonuses.

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