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LifeAfter Season 5 introduces its latest chapter titled Power of Mutation along with new content

A new battle for survival begins soon!

On December 2, 2022, NetEase Games‘ well-known open-world Doomsday survival game LifeAfter will release Season 5: Power of Mutation. The enigmatic Ark City rises on the sea, and a massive “sky eye” opens above the ocean. Mutations are also occurring all over the earth.

Akira Yamaoka, a renowned composer well known for creating the music for the Silent Hill series, collaborated with LifeAfter to produce the Power of Mutation theme song as a way to commemorate the season.

Players will need to survive the Mutated Infected in Season 5

A giant eye that appears in the sky above the Doomsday World sea emits a signal that points to an unidentified Source. A fresh crisis confronts the survivors. For the first time in the game, there are Mutated Infected.

They can arm themselves with things nearby while under the influence of the Source to grow stronger. Players have tasks to look into the mutations and gather intelligence from the enigmatic signal when they discover a particular type of black crystal. These anomalies indicate a developing storm.

LifeAfter Season 5 Power of Mutation
Image via NetEase

The mysterious island city of Ark City, found in a faraway sea, is hidden from view by thick fog, turbulence, and cloud walls. This steel megacity runs by the power of the Source. As a result of using that power, it suffers from severe diseased erosion on its inside. Players will find out what other mysteries Ark City hold.

LifeAfter collaborates with renowned composer, Akira Yamaoka for the theme song of Season 5: Power of Mutation

The Power of Mutation theme music was made by LifeAfter in collaboration with popular composer Akira Yamaoka. He is most known for his work on the Silent Hill video game series. Mr. Yamaoka is quite impressed with the way the new Season 5 plot unfolds. In the new season, Ark City residents use the Power of Mutation to combat the Source catastrophe.

Mr. Yamaoka got the inspiration for the theme song from the setting of power and menace emanating from the same source. A special interview with LifeAfter X Akira Yamaoka is available on the official LifeAfter page. A special music video will also launch on December 1st. Players can visit the official LifeAfter website for additional details.

Are you excited for the LifeAfter Season 5, Power of Mutation? Let us know in the comment section below!

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